Dingyuan county “cloud contract” 7 projects total investment 1.63 billion yuan

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Source: People’s Daily online – Anhui channel original draft signing scene.Dingyuan County Party Committee publicity Department for the picture on March 28, Dingyuan County held in March 2022 investment projects concentrated “cloud signing” ceremony, a total investment of 1.63 billion yuan of 7 intelligent manufacturing projects successfully achieved “cloud signing”.Since this year, Dingyuan county seriously implement chuzhou Municipal party committee, municipal government “double recruitment double introduction” work deployment, in view of the increasingly severe situation of the epidemic, quickly adjust investment methods and strategies, increase online investment efforts, focus on promoting a number of projects cloud negotiations, cloud signing, to ensure that major projects do not fall off line, investment efforts do not weaken.In March, the county through cloud negotiations to promote more than 80 project clues, 7 intelligent manufacturing projects to achieve “cloud contract”, a total investment of 1.63 billion yuan.The signing scene.Dingyuan County Party Committee publicity department for the picture “cloud signing” ceremony site, the county economic development Zone management committee and vision technology Group, Suzhou Keli science and Technology development company and other 7 enterprises through video display signing text signing.The contracted projects are zero carbon air separation project, Apple Lightning, intelligent wear and USBCable RESEARCH and development and production, storage tractor project, annual output of 15 million sets of circuit board project, SMT of various electronic products, DIP production project, car film cutting project, loudspeaker coil and other parts production project, all of which are intelligent manufacturing projects.Zou Jun, secretary of the County Party Committee, welcomed dingyuan enterprises in a video link, and also welcomed successful people from dingyuan to return home to start their own businesses.He pointed out that due to the epidemic, exchanges and contracts have changed from “face-to-face” to “wire connection” and from “hand to hand” to “screen to screen”, but what has changed is the form and the service.Zou jun said that Dingyuan will continue to create a first-class business environment with good policies, low cost, fast service and excellent service, and provide all-round and precise assistance services for the development of enterprises in the whole process, so that enterprises can truly feel at ease in investing, starting businesses and developing in Dingyuan.I hope you can start a new journey of rapid development in Dingyuan.The person in charge of the signing enterprise made a video speech, giving full affirmation to the investment environment of Dingyuan County.They said that regardless of the new project or the second phase of re-investment, I believe that under the attention and support of dingyuan County Committee, county government and relevant departments, it will be able to quickly build, quickly put into operation to achieve efficiency, promote employment, and achieve profits and taxes.(Xiao Zhen cao Mingzhe)