Five dun relay station public welfare line Spring Festival sympathy to send care

2022-04-23 0 By

On January 18, President lu Siyi, operation director Ding Haijian, and team members, led by Zhang Jun, head of Zhengjiamo station, braved the cold weather to visit all the old people over 60 years old in the village, and sent them living supplies and festival blessings.On the afternoon of the same day, the staff transported the prepared rice, flour and oil to zhengjiamo Station of “Wudun Relay Station”, and started the journey of sending warmth, and handed the love materials to each elderly family. The scene was warm and enjoyable.”It is our social responsibility to help the retired soldiers and the people in need. Next, we will continue to pay attention to public welfare undertakings, fulfill the responsibility and responsibility of Wudun Relay Station, serve the people wholeheartedly, and pass the warmth to more people.”Military wives network president Ruth said.The ‘five shield post support military spouse, veterans’ employment entrepreneurial rural revitalization project “by the military spouse network jointly relevant departments, set up the” five shield station “, the purpose is to better solve the general military spouse, veterans in situ for employment entrepreneurship, maximally dissolve military spouse, veterans a confusion of employment entrepreneurship, etc.,The platform effectively alleviates various pressures of employment and entrepreneurship for them, and enables more military wives and ex-servicemen who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation to join the platform, so as to serve the people wholeheartedly, strive to be the example and pioneer of entrepreneurship and innovation, and contribute to rural revitalization.(Author: Zhang Jun)