Spring Festival gala sketch “Father and Son” in the “role of the son” segment, why can cause a strong response?

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The annual Spring Festival gala on again, each program, one of the Spring Festival gala sketch “father and son” let a person feel deeply, toysun acting monologues, “son,” the netizen has caused this, let’s have a look at this period of classic lines in the essay, “the son’s role is to exercise your strength, challenge your temper, gives you unlimited courage,Raise your voice, hold your valves, grab your life door, temper your face, accelerate your aging, shorten your life.Antihypertensive medicine let you tube, in a word, gas meng, you pull down.”Min ** bao: My dad said to me that this sketch is very educational, xiu er “** dance lover” : “The summary is too in place” Test god *** brother: originally the family was very happy, my dad heard this face instantly wrong ling sister ** haha: What about the two sons?Is not only a father and son, the feeling is now a mother and child, mother tube in learning, for eat and drink in Lhasa mother tube, * * and want the money to 莿 asked mother: not sons, wave is a function of all the children are too * * 98:My father specially showed me this question I summarized in place without looking at the lines of the sketch and the comments of the netizens, the strong response and resonance caused by the fact that there is indeed a similar situation in reality, that parents education children is not easy and sad, parents will feel deeply.So what causes this phenomenon, is it all about children?We do parents, have their own responsibility, is not the reflection, where no good education, where to improve, but also do not be too pessimistic, can take this, let the child to see, let the child also cause reflection, play an educational role.In a word, this section caused a strong response, is not a bad thing, to look at the benefits, optimistic, of course, not blindly optimistic, need to carefully analyze and try to figure out, if there is no correction is encouraged.What do you think about this?Welcome to comment and express your views.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to longjun observation