The Olympic torch will be powered by hydrogen

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Preparations for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have provided great impetus to the development of ice and snow sports in China.Scientific and technological innovation has become a clarion call on the way forward of China’s ice and snow sports.In slurry sampling Ministry of Science and Technology and social development and China’s agenda 21 joint under the guidance of management center, People’s Daily online sports the people, the people’s ice and snow, ice and snow technology about “popular science combines media program, with the” path to China’s ice and snow sports scientific and technological innovation “as the theme, the main research and development of the national key project” games “of science and technology key special innovations,From run competitions, entry, watching, security and comprehensive demonstration of five dimensions, fully displaying in modern necessary technology support strength of ice and snow sports, showing China has achieved remarkable ice and snow areas of science and technology innovation, popularize the forefront of science and technology knowledge, ice and snow record “games” of science and technology, told China’s ice and snow sports a new era of development and innovation of science and technology,Leave “science and technology Winter Olympics” panoramic integration media history files.The torch relay will be held in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou from February 2 to 4, 2022.In the cold outdoor environment of northern winter, how to pass the torch smoothly and ensure that the torch does not go out?Recently, Han Zongjie, senior engineer of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, who is the main researcher of the key technical system project of the Torch for the Winter Olympic Games, introduced the secret of the torch’s stable combustion to reporters when he was a guest of the program “People’s Ice & Snow · Ice & Snow Science and Technology Talk” on People’s Daily Online.”The ‘Flying’ torch for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games uses hydrogen fuel, and the combustion system is a set of hydrogen fuel torch combustion system.The combustion system consists of three parts: a high pressure hydrogen storage vessel, a high pressure ratio hydrogen supply system and a hydrogen combustion unit.”Han zongjie introduced that the torch should be able to withstand the low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, wind resistance, rain and snow resistance, among which the condition of low temperature resistance is very challenging.According to reports, in the development of hydrogen torch, there were initially two kinds of hydrogen torch scheme: one is high pressure hydrogen storage scheme, the other is alloy hydrogen storage scheme.After considering the stability of hydrogen release at low temperature, the high-pressure hydrogen storage scheme was finally selected.The high-pressure hydrogen storage scheme can release hydrogen from the hydrogen storage container in a stable manner at low temperature, which is the premise of stable flame combustion.According to Han zongjie, the project team also adopted a blunt body flame stabilization technology, which protects the flame base from external environment — wind, snow and rain — in a curved surface.After the design, a lot of experiments have been done in the combustion stability test bench, which proves that the blunt body combustion stability technology has high reliability.”The successful development of the ‘Feiyang’ torch shows the importance the state attaches to the development of the hydrogen energy industry.””The high-voltage hydrogen storage technology, high-proportion hydrogen decompression technology and hydrogen combustion technology included in the” Flying “torch perfectly explain the concept of green Olympics and high-tech Olympics,” Han said.The application of carbon fiber composite material in the shell of “Flying” torch is the first application of carbon fiber composite material in the shell of the Olympic torch, demonstrating China’s high-end manufacturing capability.(Caption: Chu Zirui)