Wang Yuelun posted a post to deny rumors about his love affair, and the public reaction left him dumbfounded

2022-04-23 0 By

Wang Yuelun, dumbfounded February 25, Wang Yuelun published a rumor and a number of female Internet celebrities love, tone excited, as a result, two hours passed, the number of forwarding 22, the actual attention of netizens to him is very little, and the degree of distress in his article is inversely proportional to.Wang posted a long paragraph to dispel rumors about the relationship, stressing that all he wanted to do was accompany his daughter to grow up and develop his career. He repeatedly mentioned the hardships of being photographed and hotly discussed by netizens.However, after the article was published, the actual reaction of the Internet users, but left him dumbfounded.Two hours, 22 forwarded, 244 likes, few followers, and Wang Yuelun said to be concerned and hot discussion, the opposite.Wang Yuelun’s anguish was poured into a basin of cold water.The only point of concern is that no one really cares what they do!Lay low and spend time with your daughter!Li Xiang used to pay attention to you, but now I really don’t want to see your news.Sometimes stars have the illusion that all eyes are on them.In fact, they don’t really want to know anything about him.Really want to live a good ordinary life, or first set their own state of mind.