Where the hell are the aliens?The ultimate thinking brought by Fermi paradox

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Where the hell are the aliens?It’s not just astronomers who obsess over this question. It’s almost everyone, even from a young age.But until now, we’ve had no sign of aliens, no signal from them, no sign of even the most basic forms of life beyond Earth.But that hasn’t stopped astronomers from looking for aliens.The famous physicist Fermi had a casual remark about aliens: Where are they?Just this simple sentence, let later astronomers agonize over the existence of aliens?Where the hell are they?”Where the hell are they?This statement is the Fermi paradox, without much further extension.Most online interpretations of Fermi’s paradox have been about “Are aliens out there?This extension of the problem has little to do with the Fermi paradox.To be clear, Fermi did not deliberately come up with the so-called “Fermi paradox” after a long thought. It was just an accidental statement that unexpectedly became a “classic” paradox.So what does that mean?Why the paradox?It’s not complicated. What Fermi wanted to say was this: 1. Aliens must exist in the vast universe.2. Only earth is home to life.Both views seem right, at least for now. But they contradict each other.Most people believe that aliens must exist in the universe, but why haven’t we found any trace of them in hundreds of years?Forget aliens. After decades of exploration in outer space, from the moon to Mars to Saturn’s moons of Jupiter, scientists haven’t even found evidence of any primitive alien life.To put it bluntly, Fermi was troubled by the fact that, whether or not aliens existed, scientists could not find an answer.Theoretically and probabilistically, there is no reason not to believe in the existence of aliens.The universe is 13.8 billion years old, our Galaxy is at least 10 billion years old, the solar system is 5 billion years old, and the Earth is at least 4.5 billion years old.And the history of mankind is only a million years, the history of modern civilization is only a few hundred years.Man’s presence in the vastness of the universe is but a fleeting moment!Probability analysis, the universe has a million or even hundreds of millions of years of civilization of alien civilization is very likely.It’s hard to imagine how high an alien civilization that has developed over hundreds of millions of years can reach!They would have conquered the universe long ago.So why can’t humans see their shadow?Not a trace of it!If aliens really don’t exist, that would be a lot easier to think about than aliens, and would fit in with the fact that aliens don’t exist, as far as we can tell.But such a simplistic conclusion must strike many as unconvincing, and how conceited should anyone who believes that aliens don’t exist be?Conceited belief that tiny humans are the only “darlings” of the vast universe?For the Fermi paradox (where are they?)There are many explanations for this, and I won’t go into all of them here, but none of them are convincing, since almost all of them are based on guesswork and association.Indeed, it is a difficult question for human scientists, as we have so far struggled to escape the confines of the solar system, let alone travel farther into deep space in search of aliens.But either way, aliens, whether or not they exist, will shock the human psyche deeply.By contrast, if aliens really don’t exist (or did, but don’t now), it would probably mean the end of civilization, too!There is no law of nature that says humans are special!