0-0 a shock!The three-minute turnaround saw roma booing and jose mourinho exclaiming: “this is not football.

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On February 5th 22:00 Beijing time, serie A 24th round, the world wave winner was blown in stoppage time, as roma were held to a surprise 0-0 draw at home by Genoa.The 68th minute, Genoa substitute defender Stigard dyed red, Roma more than a man.In the 91st minute, Zaniolo took the ball with his back inside the penalty area, and then took the ball out of the top of the arc with a long shot.This goal, let roma team wild celebration.Zaniolo took off his shirt, looked through the billboard, and went into the stands to celebrate with the fans.Three minutes later, the home crowd went from rapturous to booing as the referee reviewed video replays and the goal was disallowed.VAR believes that Abraham committed a kick on a Genoa player before Zaniolo scored.The referee also added a yellow card for Abraham.Zaniolo was sent off at the last minute after chasing the referee for spitting, prompting roma coach jose mourinho to offer his condolences.After the game, Mourinho again fired: “If Zaniolo played at Inter, Juve or Milan, would this be the case?Rome is so small in the eyes of those in power.Football doesn’t exist anymore, it has changed, it doesn’t belong to the game anymore, so we need to find another name for it.”The goalless defeat ended roma’s three-game winning streak in the league.The giallorossi have slipped to seventh in serie A thanks to lazio’s 3-0 away win over fiorentina.Roma remain four points behind in the champions League with two games more.