Hou Junsheng attended the second session of the seventeenth people’s Congress of the county

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On February 11, hou Junsheng, secretary of the county Party Committee, and other county leaders participated in the second session of the 17th People’s Congress of the county. They went to the discussion points of each delegation to participate in the group discussion, listened to the representatives’ speeches, and sought common development plans and drew a beautiful blueprint together.In the discussion and deliberation scene of the 8 delegations, the representatives closely focused on the contents of the Government Work Report and the hot spots of social concern, combined with the reality of Ningwu and their own jobs, put forward targeted suggestions and opinions on the development of industry, agriculture, tourism, education, health, culture and other fields.While listening to the representatives, Hou junsheng took notes, responded to questions one by one, and communicated with them. He thanked the representatives for their active suggestions and conscientious performance of their duties.It was agreed that the Government Work Report comprehensively and objectively summarized the achievements of various work in the county in the past year, and clearly proposed the overall thinking and key work of the government in 2022. It was full of content, with real data, rallying people’s hearts and inspiring morale.The report contains “new thinking”, “new blueprint”, “new arrangements” and “new requirements”. It shows the determination and confidence to strive for higher and more distant goals. It is a good report that boosts morale, strengthens the foundation and keeps people grounded.Hou Junsheng pointed out that to fully exercise the sacred duty of NPC deputies, under the real work, real strength, see the real action, show true feelings, combined with their own industry and work, effectively solve the people’s thoughts, thoughts, expectations, to contribute to the economic and social development of Ningwu positive force;For the proposals put forward by the representatives, the relevant departments should seriously study and absorb the opinions and suggestions put forward by you, will be reflected in the concrete practice of ningwu County construction and development in the future, to ensure the county’s stable economic operation, social stability and harmony, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held.(Jia Zhiyong gong Zhifang Zhu Lifang Zhang Rui) Editor: Wu Guangyu Review: Du Zhendong Ningwu Hello welcome New Year please pay attention to Ningwu Rong Media Center