Qin Xiaowen encouraged the first steel training, all-star vote hongyuan suppressed, Guo Shiqiang ushered in the United States new star

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Recently, the shougang basketball players who are preparing for the tragedy of training ushered in a “big man” visit, she is the president of the Shougang basketball club, Ms. Qin Xiaowen.Some time ago, zhang Yunsong’s appointment as the deputy general manager of Shougang Basketball Club triggered rumors that Qin Xiaowen would be dismissed, forcing shougang’s official media to step forward to help dispel the rumors.Qin, who may have felt that her previous denial was not formal enough, chose to visit the players in person and announced her condolence through the team’s official social media.Although the “three years to regain the championship” deadline has long passed, under Qin xiaowen’s leadership, Beijing Shougang has spent more and more on team construction every year, and this season, it has signed four foreign players in an attempt to seize the last peak of its existing domestic core for another championship.From qin xiaowen’s visit to the team, it can be seen that Hamilton, a big foreign aid who played for Beijing Shougang for many years, has officially returned to the team to participate in the training, if not unexpected, he will appear in the CBA game again in the third stage.Do not know when coach Yanis in the arrangement of the use of four foreign aid, will not be a huge tangle in it?Qin Xiaowen in the visit, to the players shout: “show our cohesion and courage, united, together forward!”As for the target of their impact, I’m afraid the earth knows it!Since the CBA officially opened the voting window for the starting lineup for this season’s CBA All-Star game on February 10, many fans have cast their votes in the first time. According to the data collected so far, several guangdong Hongyuan players are obviously suppressed.In the past years, Guangdong Hongyuan has accumulated great popularity due to its outstanding team performance and the endless emergence of famous players. From the national team to the All-Star game, Guangdong players are the most selected.However, after winning the third consecutive championship again, maybe the fans are tired of Guangdong players, and the overall performance of Guangdong team is not so good this season. Besides, core players like Hu Mingxuan and Zhao Rui have been involved in off-court disputes, so there are many votes on the Internet to deliberately not choose Guangdong players.They either chose role players like Du Runwang, Zeng Fari and Wang Xinkai, or stars like Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Chen Yingjun and Shen Zijie from other Southern district teams, seemingly deliberately trying to keep hongyuan’s core players like Yi Jianlian, Hu Mingxuan, Zhao Rui and Zhou Peng from appearing in the all-star starting lineup again.Instead, north of the all-star line-up vote does not appear too much change, or is given priority to with core team liaoning’s starting, on the one hand is high on the league – first, pg, Zhao Jiwei, zhang town ‘, Han Dejun are the league’s top stars, such as popularity are of the CBA top heat flow, the fans vote for them is normal;On the other hand, it is difficult for other teams in the north to match Liaoning team in terms of their achievements and star glory. The lack of strong competitors is also one of the important reasons why Liaoning Team is expected to win all the stars in the north.Of course, voting has just begun two days, there is still a period of time before the voting deadline, the final result is unknown, but the southern district all-star starting lineup at least to see one or two guangdong players should not be a problem!Recently, as the CBA winter transfer window is approaching, many teams are attracting action frequently.Although guangzhou dragon lion did not cast the vision to numerous free agents, but coach Guo Shiqiang is not lonely, because he welcomed the return of wang Quanze, a new star in the United States.Wang Quanze studied in the United States and played in the NCAA tournament for many years. He is one of the most talented young stars like Zhang Zhenlin, and was once one of the core of the National Youth basketball team.Had some player to return to join the CBA team needs to participate in the lottery, such as area pretty cool, Jeff wong male by draft of the CBA league, but Wang Quanze is to circumvent the lottery, direct and guangzhou dragon signed his rookie contract, also don’t know how to operate the guangzhou dragon is thereby circumventing official rules, it was a big controversy,But because CBA officials did not find a violation, the matter was dropped.Although the Guangzhou Longshi successfully registered Wang quanze this season, he still preferred to return to the United States to play, the purpose should be to enter the draft, the NBA stage.But in the end, no NBA team showed interest in Wang Quanze, and the serious epidemic in the United States greatly affected the holding of basketball leagues at all levels except NBA, so Wang Quanze chose to return to China to play basketball in CBA.After all, he had already registered to play in the CBA league for the Guangzhou Dragons.Moreover, guo Shiqiang, the current coach of the Guangzhou Longshi, is very good at developing young players, so Wang quanze will not be disappointed and will probably get better training and development opportunities than in the United States.Guangzhou dragon lion is really earning big ah!