Chinese medicine master Zhang Xuewen: treatment of blood stasis syndrome medication experience

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Zhang Xuewen, the first master of Traditional Chinese medicine, chief physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Shaanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Zhang Xuewen, who has been practicing medicine for nearly 70 years, has in-depth theoretical research and rich clinical experience on blood stasis syndrome, and published the treatment of Blood stasis Syndrome in 1998.On the basis of syndrome differentiation, Zhang Xuewen aims at the syndrome of blood stasis and has definite curative effect on the treatment of various incurable diseases caused by blood stasis.Zhang Lao now use medicine to treat the experience of blood stasis syndrome is summarized as follows, in order to enjoy colleague.Treatment of blood stasis syndrome common drugs to liqi-quyu medicine: fragrant with Chuanxiong xiang-xin powder bitter sweet slow, flat without cold and heat partial, for the blood gas medicine, the main line of blood gas, for the treatment of qi stagnation syndrome of the main medicine;Chuanxiong Xin SAN wentong, go but not keep, for the blood medicine in gas, the main line of blood in gas, can enter the gas and partial treatment in blood.Blood follows qi, qi is smooth, qi is stagnant.The combination of the two, qi and blood tone, a total play of Qi jieyu, huoxue pain relief.● Temperature and stasis drug pair: cassia branch with Chuanxiong Cassia branch xinwen floating, through to the muscle 腠, scattered cold, by evil, sweating and temperature to help Yang;Chuanxiong Xin SAN wentong, qi Xiang channeling, can go up to the top of the top, down the sea of blood, beside four end, outside the skin, not only can promote blood stasis, but also the blood qi stagnation, and can evacuate the wind evil.Zhang Xuewen believes that the two compatibility must be paired, playing a total of wind and cold, meridians, open bi, qi and blood.Clearing heat and removing blood stasis medicine: Moutan with danshen ▲ Danshen moutan hard and cold, good activating blood cool blood, qi qing aroma, both can enter the serum thermal stagnation, and good clear Yin fu fire;Salvia miltiorrhizae taste bitter and slightly cold, can not only pass the stagnation in the blood, but also cool the heat in the blood, and can qingxin camp at ease with God, remove blood stasis and health.Compatibility of the two drugs, phase must be used, a total of cool blood circulation, remove blood stasis health, clear through the work of evil heat.Zhang Xuewen mainly used this medicine for the treatment of menstrual disorders caused by blood heat stasis, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum stasis abdominal pain and heat paralysis and other diseases.Dispelling wind and removing blood stasis drug pair: Weilingxian with Sichuan Niugenu Weilingxian Xin SAN good walk, sexual temperature tongli, passage twelve, can guide can be announced, because of its partial temperature, can dispel dampness, and through the meridians and pain, to cure rheumatism pain to medicine;Sichuan niugenu sex is good down, longer than huoxue tongjing li joint.The combination of the two drugs, complement each other, dispel wind and dehumidify, promote blood circulation, collaterals and pain.● Phlegm and blood drugs: Pinellia pinellia with salvia miltiorrhiza pinellia xinwen and dryness, for dryness and dampness phlegm, warm and cold phlegm medicine, especially good treatment of wet phlegm viscera;Salvia miltiorrhiza is slightly cold and slow, which can remove blood stasis without hurting positive.The combination of two drugs can remove dampness and phlegm, and promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.Phlegm dissipates stasis, and stasis dissipates phlegm.Osmosis wet and blood activating drug pair: Poria cocos with red peony poria cocos taste sweet and light, gentle medicine, can dispel evil, but also can strengthen, water and not hurt qi, for water osmosis wet medicine;The taste of paeonia lactiflora is bitter and slightly cold, which is good for clearing heat and cooling blood, dispersing stasis and relieving pain.Poria cocos li shui, red peony huoxue, the combination of the two drugs, water and blood and tone, played huoxue jianpi, li Shui detumescence.Zhang Xuewen believed that blood and water had the same origin, blood stasis often led to water failure, and water dampness stagnation could also cause blood stasis.● Attack stasis drugs: Rhubarb with peach kernel ▲ Rhubarb bitter cold, just dry, both good at relieving heat poison, break stagnation, cure real heat constipation, can also enter the blood points, promote blood circulation, break all blood stasis, treatment of blood heat mutual knot of blood storage;Peach kernel bitter sweet and flat, soft and smooth, for blood products, the most good blood stasis, and can run dry runchang.Two drugs pair, firmness and softness appropriate, rhubarb peach kern, specially into the blood points, a total of played broken blood product, under the blood stasis, peach kerb rhubarb, broken product slide bowel strength enhancement, not to stasis heat stop product and see big constipation closed immobility, with intestinal tract, so that stasis heat and stool and under.Nourishing Yin and removing blood stasis drug pair: turtle shell with salvia miltiorrhiza turtle shell nourishing Yin and blood, loose knot soft firm;Salvia miltiorrhiza promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis.The combination of the two drugs, remove stasis does not hurt positive, nourishing Yin does not guide stagnation, complement each other, playing a total of nourishing Yin huoxue, removing stasis and eliminating ruffian.● Qi huayu medicine pair: Astragalus membranaceus with Chuanxiong Astragalus sweet mild temperature, qi sheng Yang, for qi products;Chuanxiong taste hot temperature, work can huoxue qi, qufeng pain.The two pair, complement each other, yiqi and huoxue, Qi wang blood line, blood qi wang, played yiqi blood, wind dispelling pain.Zhang xuewen used it to treat qi deficiency and blood stasis in wind sequelae, hypertension and other diseases.Quyu hemostatic medicine pair: Salvia miltiorrhiza with sanqi salvia miltiorrhiza is bitter and slightly cold, not only promote blood stasis, but also cool blood detumescence, with the characteristics of removing blood stasis without hurting qi and blood;Sanqi tastes sweet and bitter, promotes blood circulation and removes stasis, stops bleeding and sets pain, and has the characteristics of hemostasis without leaving stasis;The two drugs complement each other, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, stopping bleeding and relieving pain.● Open qiaohuoxue medicine: musk with danshen ▲ Musk musk xinwen, gas extremely sweet, go channeling of the sex is very strong, have a strong open qiaotong, provide toureze turbid effect, to wake the god back to su to medicine;Salvia miltiorrhiza taste bitter and slightly cold, good can pass blood, remove stasis and relieve pain, can be used for various blood stasis syndrome.Musk can induce the blood circulation of salvia miltiorrhiza directly to the brain to enhance the blood circulation and stasis removal effect of salvia miltiorrhiza on the brain.Lukeyang huayu drug pair: Aconite with chuanxiong Aconite singan and hot, “back to Yang save inverse first drug”, has strong cold relieving pain;Chuanxiong warm taste, function of activating blood qi, dispelling wind and relieving pain, the treatment of blood stasis and qi stagnation of various pain syndrome.The combination of the two drugs is most suitable for the syndrome of Yang deficiency in cold and poor blood flow.Typical case patient x, male, aged 45, was first diagnosed on May 23, 2015.Right lower limb paralysis, aphasia for 2 years.The patient developed right lower limb paralysis and aphasia 2 years ago due to trauma, and could not walk.Mark disease: clear mind, poor spirit, paralysis of the right lower limb, language disadvantage, irritability, bitter mouth, low back pain, eat can, night rest when the dream is much, two defecation basic normal.Blood pressure: 135/100 MMHG.The tongue is dark red, the moss is yellowish and smooth, and the veins are heavy and stringy.Diagnosis :(brain water stasis type) apoplexy (western medicine called hydrocephalus).Treatment: Wake up the nao tong Qiao, huoxue li shui.Zhang Xuewen’s self-made Naoqiaotong Decoction:Musk (chongfu) 0.1g, Salvia miltiorrhiza 15g, Peach seed 10g, Ligusticum chuanxiong 10g, Baimao root 15g, Red peony root 15g, Acorus gladiolis 10g, Panax notoginseng powder (Chongfu) 3G, Safflower 6g, Gastrodia elata 12g, Uncaria (Lower) 12g, Scutellaria baicalensis 10g, Cassiae herba 30g, Eucommia ulmoides 12g, Sangjizi 15g, Yujin 12g, Dananxing 10g,Rhizoma vitae 10g, Rhizoma vitae 30g.15 doses, one a day, decocted in water, divided in the morning and evening.Ask the patient to avoid spicy and irritating food, live carefully, if unwell, seek medical advice at any time.▲ Baimaogen on June 9, second diagnosis: after 15 doses of upper treatment, mental state improved significantly, mouth pain and lumbago significantly reduced, voice slightly clearer than before, blood pressure 120/90mmHg, tongue and pulse syndrome differentiation was the same as before.Top go peach kernel, scutellaria, add scorpion 6g, silkworm 10g.15 doses, same usage and precautions as before.June 25th, third diagnosis: After taking 15 doses of upper medicine, the mouth pain disappeared, the symptom of lumbago was relieved, the language was still fluent, some pronunciation was not clear, he could answer questions, complained of irritability, blood pressure was 120/90mmHg, the tongue was pale and moss was white, and the pulse was heavy.Top go to white grass root, add chrysanthemum 12g, Sichuan achyranthes 30g.20 doses, same usage and precautions as before.After 4 months of treatment, the symptoms disappeared.According to: patients trauma caused by qi stagnation blood stasis, blood stasis in the brain, “blood is not water”, resulting in jin stop for water, water stasis each other, occlusions of the brain, god lost, limb loss, qingqiao loss, so see hemiplegia, aphasia, patients over forty years old, Yin qi from half, liver and kidney Yin deficiency, liver Yang hyperactivity, so see impatient character.The tongue is dark and blood stasis, the moss is yellow and smooth, the phlegm is moist and hot, and the pulse is heavy and thin string, the liver is depressed and the drinking stops.Formula to add and subtract nAO Qiao tang.Musk with salvia miltiorrhiza medicine, kaiqiao huoxue;Peach kernel, Chuanxiong and Peony root promote blood circulation and remove stasis, dissipate blood stasis;White thatch root clear heat hemostatic benefit water nourishing Yin;Stone calamus fragrance awaken god;Panax notoginseng removes blood stasis and can stop bleeding;Safflower huoxue tongluo, Kaiqiao xingshen;Gastrodia elata, Uncaria flat liver Yang;Scutellaria baicalensis and grass are the liver fever in Ming and Qing dynasties.Eucommia ulmoides and Mulberry parasitism are beneficial to liver and kidney.Yu Jin dredge liver qi;Cholanganxing and Tianzhu Huangqing dissipate phlegm and heat and open the orifice;Night rattan tong luo calm.The whole party played the effect of awakening brain tongqiao, huoxue li shui.Second diagnosis has been a stroke convalescence, long illness into collaterals, adding insect drugs scorpion, silkworm to enhance collaterals.Remove peach kernel to reduce the effect of blood circulation.The bitterness of the mouth is relieved, and removing scutellaria reduces the heat clearing power.Three diagnosis hydrocephalus symptoms are not obvious, to the water of the white root.Patients with irritability, high diastolic pressure, indicating obvious symptoms of liver heat, add chrysanthemum qinggan heat, add Sichuan niugenu water to lead heat down.Zhang Xuewen thinks that “chronic disease, more stagnation of the potential”.Due to long illness, qi is declining, qi failure is unable to promote blood flow, blood is most easily into stasis, stasis into water wet also stops, is caused by blood stasis, phlegm, wet mixed, long lead to stubborn diseases.Zhang Xuewen thinks, the patient of long cure incurable difficult disease, should start from stasis, phlegm or poison.Generally, those who have long pain or unmoving pain points, petechiae and petechiae on the tongue, varicose veins or anger, stasis and purple, petechiae, and astringent pulse in difficult diseases, or those who have long and stubborn diseases with little change in their condition, can be regarded as having different degrees of blood stasis. They should distinguish the type of blood stasis syndrome and adopt the method of promoting blood stasis.From the treatment of qi stagnation and blood stasis, qi deficiency and blood stasis, Yin deficiency and blood stasis, Yang deficiency and blood stasis, liver blood stasis, kidney deficiency and blood stasis, prescription is effective.■ Solemnly declare: because each person’s constitution and condition is different, the formula and dose in this case only apply to the patient’s condition at that time.The prescription and dosage in this case shall not be copied without diagnosis and treatment based on TCM syndrome differentiation.If necessary, readers should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment, so as not to delay the illness.