“No closing time” for Spring Festival

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Medical staff are often the most busy group of people who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival.Busy outpatient clinic, clinicians looking, hearing, asking and cutting figure, is the most familiar scenery in the hospital.But behind the scenes, the medical staff in the ultrasound, laboratory and imaging departments also stick to their posts as “scouts” for clinical diagnosis.Spring Festival, this day at 7 o ‘clock in the evening, yuhuan City People’s Hospital ultrasound clinic, there are still more than 10 patients waiting for treatment.Doctor Li Zhongyun is concentrating on B ultrasound examination for patients in the clinic.Li Zhongyun, a native of Jiangxi province, has worked in the industry for five years. This year is the first time for him to leave jade for the Spring Festival. On the one hand, he can support the epidemic prevention work in Yuhuan, and on the other hand, he can help more patients get sick during the Spring Festival.”Many patients come to see doctors during the Spring Festival. If I work one more day, my patients will have one less day to wait, so that they can feel at ease during the Spring Festival.”Li zhongyun said.In order to reduce the waiting time for patients to make an appointment, the ultrasound department began to work overtime on the eve of the Spring Festival. Even after the normal off-duty time, 3 or 4 clinics were still open to receive patients with appointments on that day.”I’m used to such intensity, but I don’t feel hard.”Ultrasound doctor Zhang Yali said with a smile.In the rest room of the laboratory, zhang Yuyu, the technician in charge, had just finished six hours of nucleic acid testing and finally had a warm meal.During the epidemic prevention and control period, nucleic acid testing is a heavy task with heavy workload, and due to the risk of testing, medical staff wear protective clothing and stay in the laboratory for 5 to 8 hours at a time.”Almost everyone came out hypoglycemic.”Zhang yuyu said.The COVID-19 epidemic has made many people familiar with the clinical laboratory as a front-line department, but the work intensity of medical staff is still beyond our imagination.In addition to nucleic acid testing, the routine examination of patients is also an important work of the laboratory.”During the holidays, there are still a lot of patients who come for health check-ups, and we will not rest or stop for 365 days,” said Gao, deputy director of the testing center.At night, the CT room is also one of the busy departments of the hospital. The call bell at the registration window rings one after another. Su Weizeng, the attending doctor of the radiology Department, has been looking at the patient’s image in front of the computer for two hours without a moment’s leisure.”We are also responsible for the reports of the township health centers of THE NHC group, and the workload of the night shift is very heavy.”Su Told reporters that there were only two medical staff on the night shift, and they were busy almost overnight without time to rest.As an auxiliary examination department, the medical staff of CT room may not have a high sense of “presence” in the public mind, but clinical diagnosis is inseparable from those black and white images.”All we can do is do our job and look for signs of illness.””Ringling…”An urgent phone rang in the CT room.”Okay, we’ll send it up in a minute.”It turned out that patients with mobility problems required bedside imaging with mobile DR.Another technician on duty, who had just finished a CT examination, quickly got the equipment ready and pushed the mobile DR device to the inpatient department, disappearing into the faint light at night…Author: Jin Di Shen Siwei Photography: Jin Di (source: Yuhuan People’s Government website)