The three advantages of Glory Magic V as an ice and snow game viewer are really cool

2022-04-25 0 By

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, the quadrennial ice and snow sports events have opened in a grand way. The performances of Chinese athletes have delighted the whole country, especially the talented athlete Gu Ailing, who has been trending trending headlines frequently recently, which has also increased netizens’ enthusiasm for watching ice and snow sports.So what’s the right posture for an ice and snow event in 2022?One more option this year may be to watch games on a foldable phone such as the Glory Magic V. After all, the foldable screen provides a different viewing experience.Watching sports games, adrenaline pumping, especially beautiful scenery, exciting ice and snow sports, the immersion feeling brought by the big screen is unparalleled, it can be said that the screen is big, watching the game will be much cool.Compared with the 6-inch or so screen of normal straight phones, Glory Magic V fully demonstrates the powerful advantages of foldable screens — the outer screen is a 6.45-inch OLED screen, and the expanded inner screen is a 7.9-inch super-sized screen. It is the only foldable phone in the industry that both the inner and outer screens account for more than 90%, bringing a more immersive watching experience with a wide field of view.Not only that, fuselage glory Magic V is very thin, used the glory from the ultrathin suspended droplets hinge, fold the body thickness of 14.3 mm, unfolds is only 7.6 mm, feel comfortable, casual good operation, even in the airport, railway station waiting for kung fu can watch the latest game, ice and snow come the athletes under the large screen,It seems to rush out of the picture and looks great.Glory Magic V’s big screen viewing advantage also let some athletes, stars fascinated, Tian Liang, Liu Mintao and others have posted on weibo they watch the game with glory Magic picture, praise the game, cheer for China’s ice and snow athletes.Rongyao Magic V large and appropriate:Multi-channel video experience immersive presence both snow sports, ball games, sports games wonderful is the kind of presence, as it were, to experience the scene of the athletes and passion can let a person stirring, the Magic now glory V through the unique advantages of folding screen, will open a door for the vast number of cell phone users feel the new gate of the game.To make full use of the folding screen domestic advantage, glory Magic V made joint optimization, with many third-party applications Migu support multiple video video, user can be different video game or multiple Angle of view the same game video, free arrangement in different position of the screen, to achieve real see, one screen at a visual enjoy comfortable sports events.The big screen of Glory Magic V is not only entertaining, but also efficient.Because it supports intelligent split screen function, it can also learn user habits. When using a specific app, open a new app by using the sidebar and directly enter the split screen mode.For example, when watching a game, if customers or friends send messages, then Glory Magic V can split the screen with one button. While watching the game, you can also communicate with work or socialize with friends, truly achieving one machine and two uses.Conclusion: during the sporting event, from the broad masses of netizens to high-end envelops, more and more people begin to realize the advantages of folding screens, especially glory Magic V is such a new generation of folding flagship, not only equipped with strong hardware and software, more important is its comprehensive optimization of domestic experience, brings different feelings to everyday use.It can be said that Glory Magic V is a folding screen flagship machine with “one in place”. The high practicality of soft and hard collaboration makes it fully capable of being used as a main machine.At the same time, the machine is priced from 9999 yuan, the price is more close to the people, more cost-effective.Glory Magic V has been sold out many times since its release, and a new round of pre-orders will be opened on February 15. High-end players who want to change their phones this year may wish to pay more attention to it.