The woman driver of the Mercedes Benz was taught a lesson when she changed lanes at the start of the car and bumped into a man who did not brake

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It was the first time I met such a barbaric female driver. I immediately changed lanes when I got into a Mercedes and unexpectedly hit another Female Audi driver. The Mercedes owner was laughing and joking one second and being taught a lesson the next, what happened?I saw a white Audi and a black Mercedes in the middle of the road together, a closer look, it is obvious that the Damage of the Audi car is more serious, the suspension of the front wheel has been broken, the two front wheels have become inside eight., according to audi car owners to recall their normal straight on the road at that time, is preparing to turn to the right, the black Mercedes parked for oil change lanes suddenly, due to the emergency situation, coupled with the fear of car tracing cauda, I suddenly do not know the brakes, or turning to avoid, bewildered, and Mercedes hit, because audi owners didn’t slow down,The front bumper crumbled, but the Mercedes suffered only a minor scrape.The Mercedes owner laughed and said that the other party must be fully responsible for the lane change. It was because the Audi owner was driving too fast that he failed to observe the lane change. The Audi owner came forward and admitted his fault, but the Mercedes owner was definitely more responsible.So was the accident caused by audi going too fast or Mercedes blindly changing lanes?The traffic police did some research and made some basic analysis.At this point, the traffic policeman estimated that he had the result in mind, so he continued to ask the Mercedes owner what he was doing when he changed lane. The Mercedes owner was very sure that he was driving seriously, and only after looking in the rearview mirror did he start to turn, but there was still an accident, and the traffic policeman quickly raised questions.The owner of the Mercedes said that there was no mistake in his operation and the accident must have been caused by the excessive speed of the Audi. The traffic policeman noticed something was wrong immediately after hearing the accident. If he looked first and then turned, he could not see the Audi going straight behind him, and the Audi could not appear out of thin air.It seems that the truth has been revealed, the Mercedes owner must not have looked in the rearview mirror when changing lanes or was deserting, otherwise he could not have missed the Audi behind, but the Mercedes owner is still arguing.Estimates that everyone laughed, see here two colliding YiLiangDun heavy iron monster, do not need to fast can make a big noise, then the traffic police immediately explained, audi owners intend to turn right at the time, then the speed will not too fast, she otherwise the body will float out, this is the fun of life, and mercedes-benz owner after hearing suddenly speechless.Finally, under the criticism and education of the traffic police, the owner of the Mercedes Benz finally realized his mistake, and he will be punished later. If you have any opinion on this matter, please discuss it in the comments section, and you can also like and support this article.