Lonely hung flew over the cold wave, where to find your capacity

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian guoxue art gu Hong flew over the cold wave, where to find jun rong.Scholar spirit can accommodate things, bosom can na wind, mo tianhan mingyue as gu Hong.The fallen leaves are all over the river, and the autumn is particularly bright.Not afraid of winter, with gu Hong, jiao rong only for severe frost cold wind.I heard that there are strange people in the world, public also what is at that time, to the beginning of this language to the gentleman.Old makeup, affection send far away, want to ask tao Gong in today, taoyuan world good scenery.Three gongfu zhengqi, jiangshan unified world security, change the dynasty sheng Sheng sheng sheng.Longmen leap mountains and rivers change, phoenix que reopens the sun and moon, mo Way MAO Gong is not today, when the world has a hero.Tears trickling down one’s cheeks, castle peak does not change to go, the world who a total moon.Who with the same, asked Cao Gong, blood lawsuit, do not change jiangshan Wanlihong.Life where to tell the truth, did not change a sincere, mo tao Gong returned, taoyuan world to do poetry.Dynasties change ancient and modern the same, wanli jiangshan a common, not MAO Gong the world has a hero.Elegy Sue cun zhong, Jiangshan does not change sorrow music qianqiu ode, the world hero who with.MAO Zegong was MAO Zegong during the Jiangshan dynasty. He passionately expressed his love and made great contributions to reform and opening up.Under Lord Xie, there are heroes in the world.The three points of the world an shu Ji, a unified MAO Gong, thousands of years of success and beginner’s mind with ancient times.River’s lake wind and rain vicissitudes of life, I would like to find fragrant trace with public.Deep heart don’t know, did not change the old rongyi, Xie Gong upstairs who solution I crazy.Hidden baiyun deep, the world who know this heart, the mountains do not embrace alone to who Yin.The first person, Crown Qunlun, Dan zhongguo heart wanguchun.To lonely, change lingering, if the Tao Gong solution who do not envy fairy.Zhi Lingyun, Wen Gong Wan Gu cun, mo Solitary nowhere to Sue, honest heart does not change the soul of the country.Floor last month such as frost, the world who not heartbroken, ancient Jiangshan still from the complaints.Pine and cypress castle peak four or five, chrysanthemum laurel two or three flowers, bamboo hedge thatched cottage secluded fishing sunset.Bamboo outside castle peak a path deep, you where to find friends, pine moon plum blossom like my heart.The month is thousands of miles, the spring breeze of plum willow flower is ten thousand branches, small bridge flowing water place, you people forget the machine relatively two.Green mountains and rivers on both sides of bamboo, not secluded people into the drawing, Matsushita breeze stroke face, mei opened two degrees of incense floating.Secluded people since ancient castle peak a path long, plum shadow across the bleak month cool.Two degrees and years, songshuichangliu Maple red autumn is good, you people yashi poetry.Sitting alone night deep, whirling moonlight invasion, a tree plum pine rhyme with solitary Yin.And New Year, Fenghongjing myriad, bamboo burst in the old age, you dream poem.Listen to the wind before the window bamboo, secluded person leaning on the floor alone, the moon pine concomitant spend spring and autumn.Spring is slanting, peach blossom outside bamboo falls who home, huang Jun does not come, pine wind rang pipa all over the ground.Songfeng crane shadow dance lightly, Meixue spring not afraid of cold, bamboo friends Lanpeng Yashi poetry.Crane enjoy ice spirit sitting alone in a small window, pine wind blows down to shake a tree smoke.Peach blossom cross, bamboo leaf boat, a song qingge moon according to the stream.Listen to the crane in the clouds, idle to see snow flowers, bamboo diameter chai Men phase dialogue sangma.Xue-yun window month, crane dance songfeng Lanpeng often party, qin chess painting and calligraphy with secluded people.Grain in ear gull heron about, you comfortable shuiyun township, pine wind in the ear cross window cool moonlight.You sit alone in a small garden, bamboo outside the setting sun a touch of red, plum shadow across the window sweet dark move, pine wind into the infinite rhyme.Lying in the setting sun, bamboo breeze to send late cool, cross window sparse moonlight, loose sound in the ear light tea.Mei Ying horizontal window full breast, pine wind into the night deep, bamboo bed lies to listen to xiaoxiang rain, not secluded people sing alone.Secluded people do not return, bamboo wind rustling water, plum blossoms fall as pine tip half bend.Mei LAN Ju Osmanthus flowers four seasons pine, bamboo reported peace at ease infinite joy.Bing Xin where to find, cool breeze moon proud ling frost and snow, bamboo xu Huai mei ancient and modern.Peach yingbi lake, stroke bone such as crisp, whose jade flute bingxin into the drawing.Mei bone fragrance frost and snow with Lanzi elegant charm charming yan, bamboo shake jade shadow bing Xin proud between.Jade skin, into the picture, not with a group of aromatic bone in the river’s lake.Ice heart send acacia, cross blowing late, thin bone Ling cold ao mei frost branch.Reflect rosy clouds, honey meaning bone flowers, sweet soul jade spirit to go with the wind, a piece of ice heart send thousands of.Cold wind ling frost show mei appearance, yurui qiongzhi a piece of spring knowledge.A jade shadow snow horizontal, bingxin to the moon Ming, not with qunfang skinny spring sound.A piece with who, wind across the moon, thin bone Ling cold proud mei sky.Beautiful, proud nine days, jade flute blowing alone hold a lotus.Ling Han thin bones in the snow, not with qunfang Mei Rong, jade soul sweet soul sent a spring breeze.Half round, a piece of the world of mortals, do not dispute plum three points mei, only for the plum skinny body.Bing Xin on the moon, cool breeze jade shadow fragrance, Han Mei proud Qunfang for Mei.The sun warm wind and 100 mei new, flowers and birds, whose jade flute blowing willows, a piece of ice heart to send old friends.Jagged and proud snow invasion, do not dispute the spring scenery of the unique fragrance of coagulation jade, ten thousand bing Xin moon reflects gold.Difficult to become a sentence, under the moon bingxin does not dye dust, dongfeng unlimited mei, plum blossom has spirit in the bone.A piece of ice rising to the sun, qiongzhi jade shadow with you, Ling Han proudly against the wind, not with qunfang mei Rong.Branches skinny as wind bullying, not with qunfang mei appearance, jade flute across a piece of send acacia.Where to find fang trace, a bingxin group of flowers zhengyan mei, leaving xianggu smile spring breeze.Things in the world, beautiful dream, proudly against the wind, charming always spring.Ogle fan, graceful bone qingqi, slender waist jade arm lingbo dance, plain face ice heart reflected sun.Bones such as pine and cypress frost snow, plum blossom not mei spring, jade flute blowing a piece of the world of mortals.Jade soul plum soul bamboo snow in the mood, different peach world skinny zheng.A natural, qinghui da1000, thin linfeng yingyue mei Yan.Jade bone ao frost cold, canggan Qiu Zhi zhan yan, snow yinghongmei floating soul such as fairy.Snow spirit, do not dye dust, mo cang Yan a wisp of New Year.Reflecting the setting sun, scattered fragrance, pine cuibai soul led to hometown.Leave ink, boil drunk flower soul, bingxin jade soul is where, snow reflects mei Hong another spring.Jade bone proud frost, snow pressure branches color more cang, an honest cold soul fight wind crazy.Snow yinghongmei a tree flower, jade soul proud tianya, cangzhi dance fang soul into my home.Nine ileal, time wasted liangbin, reflecting the snow bag firefly blood flying.Hero, red heart reflected in the sun, eternal heaven, immortal soul east river.The setting sun reflects chaimen, xuerou Bingxin a trace, Cangbai Qiu Zhi to welcome distant visitors, Hanmei proudly call the soul of spring.Jade bone binghun white hair two appropriate, clear wave reflected into the cold moon chi.Honest heart reflects the new, loyalty to the country not heroic, thousands of miles cast my soul.Dream should know me, ling frost fear cang, snow ying hongmei jade soul scattered fragrance.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #