Safe: The surplus of foreign exchange settlement and sale by banks in January 2022 was 176.6 billion yuan

2022-04-26 0 By, February 21 — Recently, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) released the data of bank foreign exchange settlement and sale and bank foreign exchange payment on behalf of customers in January 2022.Data showed that in January 2022, banks settled foreign exchange worth 1,539.9 billion yuan and sold foreign exchange worth 1,363.2 billion yuan, with a surplus of 176.6 billion yuan.In terms of US dollars, in January 2022, banks settled US $242.2 billion in foreign exchange, sold US $214.4 billion, and had a surplus of US $27.8 billion in foreign exchange.In January 2022, the revenue of banks acting on behalf of customers related to foreign affairs was 3.7539 trillion yuan, and the foreign payments were 3.7539 trillion yuan, resulting in a surplus of 371.2 billion yuan.In terms of DOLLAR value, in January 2022, the foreign income of banks acting on behalf of customers was 585.8 billion US dollars, and the foreign payment was 527.4 billion US dollars, and the foreign payment surplus was 58.4 billion US dollars.China’s foreign exchange market maintained stable operation in January 2022, said Wang Chunying, deputy director and spokesperson of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE).A surplus of us $27.8 billion was generated in the settlement and sale of foreign exchange by banks. Taking into account other supply-demand factors such as forward settlement and sale of foreign exchange and option transactions, the supply and demand of domestic foreign exchange was basically in balance.In the non-banking sector, foreign trade surplus reached US $58.4 billion, nearly 90% of which came from trade in goods, reflecting the increase in trade surplus in recent months and the impact of enterprises’ centralized collection of payments before the Spring Festival.The foreign exchange market trades in a rational and orderly manner.In January, “exchange rate (customer sell foreign exchange to the bank and the foreign exchange income) and carry out exchange rate with the customer (customer buy from the bank remit the ratio of the foreign exchange expenditure) were 67% and 62% respectively, compared with the same rose 2.4 and 0.2% respectively, and the monthly average of 2021 basic quite, market main body the settlement of exchange and foreign exchange purchase will remain stable.Cross-border two-way investment remains active.Net cross-border inflows under direct investment totaled $11.4 billion in January, up 9 percent from a year earlier.Among them, foreign direct investment in China and China’s foreign direct investment showed a year-on-year growth trend.The scale of cross-border capital inflows and outflows under securities investment is basically equal to the monthly average level of 2021, and the overall pattern of net inflows continues.Looking ahead, the external environment remains complex and volatile. There are still unstable and uncertain factors in the evolution of the global epidemic and world economic recovery, and the shift of monetary policies in major developed economies may accelerate under the pressure of high inflation.However, China’s sustained and steady economic recovery has not changed, the two-way opening-up of the financial market has not changed, and the general trend of basic balance of international payments has not changed. We will continue to stabilize market expectations and confidence, and consolidate the foundation for the stable operation of the foreign exchange market.(Responsible Editor: Yi Wei)