School season health treasure book, teachers and parents must see!

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The happy holiday is coming to an end, the children will usher in a tense and fulfilling new semester, the school should be full of laughter, for the health of the children, for the future of the motherland, The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention reminds teachers, parents and students: adjust the state, do a good job of health monitoring.Parents should help children adjust their work and rest and mood, relieve the tension of the school.Adjust your child’s body clock, which is disturbed by staying up late watching TV shows and playing games during the holidays, and start eating and living according to the school schedule in advance.Three days before school starts, do not burn the midnight oil because of homework debts, affecting the formation of the rule of life.2. Get enough sleep every day, 10 hours for primary school students, 9 hours for junior high school students and 8 hours for senior high school students.Keep the bedroom quiet, without light, temperature and humidity appropriate, avoid electronic products before going to bed, to ensure the quality of sleep every day.3. Before and after school starts, parents should pay attention to adjusting their children’s diet structure, and prepare high-quality breakfast for their children every day to provide enough energy for efficient learning.The food is varied and balanced.At least one bag of milk a day.Urge your child to drink plenty of water every day and to avoid or limit sugary drinks.4. Take an active part in physical exercise before and after the school starts, improve physical fitness, ensure outdoor activities in the sun for more than one hour every day, and make full use of the break time to carry out outdoor sports.Do adequate warm-up activities before exercise, exercise intensity step by step, calmly cope with the change of life status, maintain a healthy weight.5. Take health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other COVID-19 prevention and control measures as required. Parents should pay close attention to their children and their own physical conditions.Attention to children’s eye health holiday, children’s exposure to electronic products is significantly increased than usual, excessive use of eyes is easy to lead to vision loss, school began, teachers and parents should pay special attention to children’s eye health.1. Prevent eye infections and reduce eye injuries.Daily attention should be paid to eye hygiene, do not rub the eyes, to avoid visual damage caused by infection.If the eyes appear dry, foreign body sensation, photophobia, red eyes, eye pain and other symptoms, should stop the video behavior, if the symptoms cannot be relieved, go to the hospital when necessary.At the same time, we should also pay attention to prevent physical damage and avoid affecting vision due to damage.2. Pay attention to the child’s vision changes, once the child is found to have tilting head, vision loss, frequent squinting, pinching and other myopia related symptoms or myopia degree, to take it to the formal medical institutions for eye examination as soon as possible, timely take scientific methods to correct.3. Parents pay attention to their children’s height at the beginning of the school term, cooperate with school teachers, adjust the height of desks and chairs for school learning in time according to their children’s height changes in accordance with the “School Desk and Chair Functional Dimensions and Technical Requirements” (GB/T 3976-2014), and correct their children’s bad sitting posture.4. According to the architectural lighting design standard (GB50034-2013), the school organizes staff to maintain the classroom lighting environment to ensure that students have a good classroom environment.At home, parents should also provide children with appropriate desks and chairs and lighting.At present, the city is in the alternating period of winter and spring, the temperature difference changes greatly, and the epidemic situation of infectious diseases is high.One to two weeks after the start of school, often influenza, infectious diarrhea, chickenpox, measles, mumps and other infectious diseases in the campus of the “high-risk period”, after a long vacation, the body is also in the adjustment period, resistance to decline, school personnel density, cross infection opportunities increase, infectious disease outbreaks are very easy to occur.1. Parents should train their children to wash their hands frequently, wear masks scientifically and correctly, and pay attention to their children’s health conditions. In case of physical discomfort, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.2. The head teacher should inquire the health status of the students carefully before the beginning of the semester, focusing on the suspected symptoms of infectious diseases such as fever, cough, fatigue, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, conjunctival redness and so on, and report them in time.After school starts, parents and schools should implement the health monitoring system for teachers, students and staff, and do a good job in the prevention and control of infectious diseases such as morning and afternoon check-ups, registration, tracking and reporting of absence from school due to illness.Suspected infectious diseases should be immediately isolated, inform parents to take students to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, and follow up to understand the student’s condition and diagnosis and treatment.3. Sick students should be quarantined and treated at home, and classes can be resumed only after they have recovered according to regulations. Students who are absent from classes due to infectious diseases should check the certificate of resumption of classes issued by the preventive health department of the local medical and health institution of the school when resuming classes.4. Key places such as classrooms and dormitories, public appliances and air conditioning and ventilation systems should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. If there are many people in the room and the space is small, the number of Windows should be appropriately increased.Strengthen the management of campus gathering activities during the epidemic season, and properly control the density of personnel.Actively carry out health and disease prevention knowledge publicity work for students and their parents, guide students to develop good hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, do hand disinfection, wear masks correctly, sneeze, cough with tissue cover mouth and nose or elbow cover and wash hands in time.Prevention of school injuries is another back-to-school season, campus safety to bear in mind, parents remind students to cooperate with the school to do a good job of safety education.1. Walk in and out of the school gate in an orderly manner, pay attention to the surrounding and ground environment, and do not rush in and out of the crowd.Walk out of the classroom one by one after class, without crowding or pushing.Keep to the right in the teaching building, walk slowly and softly, do not run slapstick.Up and down the stairs, walk slowly on the right to prevent crowding and collision, and do not play at the stairs.Open and close doors and Windows carefully to prevent clamp injury.Don’t climb Windows.2. Stationery and utensils should be properly kept. Pencils should not be sharpened.Don’t play with sharp stationery (compasses, pencils, scissors, etc.).Be sure to use hand tools correctly as required by the teacher.Use blunt, round-tipped safety scissors.3. Do not talk or play, eat quietly, avoid fish bones and bones stuck in the throat or inhaled trachea, bronchus.4. Listen to the teacher’s arrangement in PE class, tell the teacher when you are not well, and avoid exercise with illness.Before exercise, wear fitted sportswear, sneakers, do not wear sharp accessories, do a good warm-up.Pay attention to observe the safety of sports venues and sports equipment.Sports equipment must be used under the guidance of the teacher, do a good job of protection, follow the rules of sports, practice and exercise in accordance with the movement specifications, do not try dangerous movements, do not play around the equipment.5. Follow the guidance of the teacher in the experimental class and operate strictly according to the experimental rules.I wish all parents and students a healthy and happy day as they get better grades in the new semester!Reprinted from Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention