Six famous sticks in the swordsman circle, well-known dog sticks, bright silver pan dragon sticks majestic

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The world of swordsmen novels has secrets, heroes and beauties, rare birds and animals, and countless weapons.In rivers and lakes, sticks are not as common as swords and knives, but compared with those strange swords, sticks are relatively common weapons.Therefore, in the mind of many wuxia fans, there are many famous sticks.Of course, a stick is a stick, a stick is a stick, there are some differences.But there is not much difference between the two. Sticks are often understood as similar weapons.I am a real swimming cat, an old swordsman fan who has been watching swordsman for 23 years.Pay attention to me, and I have a look at 6 famous wuxia club, dog club is well-known, bright silver pan dragon club majestic!If you know more famous sticks in wuxia novels, please leave a comment.6. Dragon stick with bright silver plate. Source: zhang Jiexin, “The Swordsmen”.”Flying jade Tiger” Jiang Bofang’s bright silver dragon stick, the head is a dragon head, the tail is a phoenix tail, majestic, unlimited power.Of course, the weapon is famous mainly for its master’s great achievements.Jiang Bofang with bright silver pan dragon stick sweep Xiao Jintai, one shot to fame, then help win The English Pingshan island, against the river’s corners scum, can be said to be a xia role.Broadcast by Shan Tianfang “Three Swords” storytelling, was also very popular at that time, so that bright silver plate dragon stick name deep in the mind of martial arts fans.5. Date stick. Source: “The Legend of the Flying Dragon” by Wu Seon.Flying Dragon tells the story of Zhao Kuangyin. It has a bit of magic flavor, but basically it can be understood as a martial arts story.However, the magic stick used by Zhao Kuangyin in the book is too mysterious, a bit like journey to the West.In contrast, the jujube stick used by general Zheng En is relatively close to the world of martial arts, and its power is not uncommon. It helps Zheng En to establish outstanding achievements, which is impressive.4. A Stick in the Sky. Source: “A Stick in the Sky” by Ryan Wen.The club of The Rice Firmament has no real name, just a very long stick that gets thinner and thinner at the end.But the readers who read the novel basically remembered the “celestial Stick” and named this relatively ordinary stick as the celestial Stick.A lot of people admire Wen Ruian’s imagination, admire Wen Ruian’s brilliant talent.Wen Ruian actually let a eunuch use the “one stick to the sky”, who can think of this?Clearly, Mi’s stick to the sky is symbolic, and the stick in his hand is an extension of his body.So the power of a stick to the sky is also impressive to readers: “not only is empty, and all four are empty, and the air hiding evil, four are all evil!”3. Crying for mercy. From: Gu Long’s “Remnants of Gold and Jade”.Gu Long once joked in “Joy Hero” that the “beat dog stick” of The Beggars was named by a “surname Zha”.However, in Gu Long’s early novel “Residual Gold and Jade Deficiency”, the famous weapon of “Gai gang” is not beating dog sticks, but “crying and mourning sticks”.There’s also a mourning club method that goes along with it.In the same way as Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes, anyone who has learned how to cry and mourn can inherit the post of emperor of the Gai gang.Gu Long’s “Residual Gold and Lack of Jade” was written after Jin Yong’s “Legend of the Condor Heroes,” and it is not known whether the setting of “crying for death” in the novel was borrowed from “Legend of the Condor Heroes.”2. Tianji Stick, source: gu Long “Sentimental Swordsman Merciless Sword”.Gu Long’s “Sentimental Swordsman merciless Sword”, also known as “Xiao Li Fei Dao”, created a “weapon spectrum”.The first weapon on the spectrum is tianji old man tianji stick.The heavenly machine stick is mysterious and represents the power of an elder statesman.However, the actual combat level of tianjiawan some embarrassment.As a result of old age, but hit the limelight is sheng Shangguan Jin Hong, such a result is a pity.1. Dog stick beating. Source: Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong.In the world of wuxia, the most famous stick is certainly the beating-dog stick of The Beggars.I believe, beating the dog stick is the first, absolutely deserved, no doubt.Beating dog sticks is revered not only because the combination of beating dog sticks with the method is so powerful, but also because beating dog sticks is the symbol of the leader of the Gai gang.Just like the imperial seals handed down by ancient dynasties, beating dog sticks was considered supreme authority by the Beggars.Therefore, huang Rong of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” became the leader of the Gai gang, much like the famous martial arts of beating dogs and sticks.And huang Rong’s husband Guo Jing, because oneself disposition and beat dog stick law do not match, cannot learn to beat dog stick law truly so, nature also with beat dog stick no chance.Interestingly, in the Return of the Condor Heroes, Yang Guo helped The “Gai Gang” find the dog stick and stole the limelight at the heroes’ conference, which was unforgettable for martial arts fans.My friends, what other powerful sticks do you know?Welcome to share, welcome to help you remember the feelings of Wuxia oh.Like my article friends, must point to like and share my article!This is very important to me.I am a real swimming cat, thank you again friends!