Anjie, I warned you, you can only marry me!

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Anjie, I warned you, you can only marry me!The first: “Mr. Good morning” author: a pot of qing nine introduction: Beijing taste Gao Gan article, six years ago male merciless leave, six years later in she ready to forget male master, male master high profile return to use all means tying in the side.”Honey, I have my eye on a limited-edition bag.” “Buy” “I like a dog.” “Buy” “Honey, the desserts in this restaurant are delicious.”Highlights: The old house.”Grandpa and grandma, this is a gift I bought for you.”Gao Mu ya smiled and handed his gift to the old man and the old man.When grandma took the gift, smiled and waved to her, “you this girl to bai, also bring what gift, hurriedly sit down!”Gao Muya sat down and then took out another gift and gave it to Shi’s mother, “Aunt, this is for you.”When the mother has always liked Gao Muya, when she was a child she was always in their home, she has been thinking of letting her be her daughter-in-law, so she is to Gao Muya that is really every care.Several people sit here chatting, not long after nian came back.As soon as he entered the door, he saw Gao Muya sitting on the sofa, and his eyebrows were slightly untouchable, and he cried out, “Mom, grandpa and grandma.””Brother Year.”Gao Muya stood up quickly, looked at him shamefully, and called out softly.Time paid no attention to her, did not even look at her.Gomo stood awkwardly by.When the mother some can not go down, hurriedly stood up to circle the field, “that Zhang Sister-in-law can open a meal?Xiao Nian is back. Let’s have dinner.”(Click below to read for free) second: “Take love president: sweet Wife, you sweet” author: Ten ling (” take love President: Sweet wife, you sweet “Anjie, I warned you, you can only marry me!)Introduce: “An Jie, I warned you, you can marry me only!”At the wedding, he swooped in, grabbed her, and claimed her ownership.”Shangguan Lang, what do you mean?”She resisted, do not understand the question, she does not believe, she set up a big young lady can not get rid of this man’s entanglement.In her heart, he is abnormal, evil, however, did not expect to have to marry him on their wedding day.Coexist day and night, she wants to kill him more than once, however, what thing, change gradually in the shock that is brought by his true feelings again and again however…Interesting content: It tasted good, but the salt was a little too much.Ann Jie can not bear to hit Shangguan Lang, and shangguan Lang made it for the first time is really good.Anjie nodded.”MMM, it’s delicious.”Hearing Anjie say good drink, shangguan Lang’s eyes are bright.”Drink more if it tastes good, and I’ll make it for you next time.”Anjie heart imperceptibly had been shangguan Lang qiao ran in the warm up.”Didn’t you go to work today?””No.I don’t need to be a workaholic when you’re around.I don’t do overtime or anything. Now I wish I could stay by your side every day.”Shangguan Lang’s affectionate confession, let anjie’s face enrage.”Ahem.”Anjie choked because of shangguan Lang’s words.”What’s up, honey?”Shangguan Lang came to anjie behind, the concern asked her.”It’s okay.I just choked.”Shangguan Lang or quickly poured a cup of water to An Jie.”By the way, Shangguan Lang, I want to discuss something with you.”When Anjie said, she lowered her head and drank porridge, not daring to look at Shangguan Lang.Because she knows shangguan Lang general won’t promise oneself.(Click below to read for free) third book: “Fall in love with you, cure me” author: Wang Mia Introduction: Beijing Flavor Gao Gan article, female protagonist is a psychological extremely inferior woman, suffering from anxiety disorder and depression disorder, she hypochondriasis, panic, so always run to the hospital.The hero is a brain tumor but do not want to treat the people, he is carrying the mother is not willing to, want to equal the attitude of the father never met.He has a dream, hope to use their own intelligence to invent the system to change the life of life.One day, they met in the hospital and began a long life with each other.Men want to appease Japanese inferiority and anxiety, she wants to let men healthy alive.No one should waste his life…What’s great: Ren Looked at the reporter with a puzzled and helpless expression and tears in her eyes: “Actually, I also expected you to ask questions about this.Therefore, I have prepared materials, after the press conference, will be released through black and White Entertainment’s official Weibo.””That’s what I’ve been doing in the hospital for the last few years, and you can see every diagnosis and hospitalization I’ve had.Especially when visiting cardiology, doctors often describe the patient’s state at the time.I can give you a brief description. Three years ago, I contracted tuberculosis. I took medicine for a year to cure the disease, and now I have been off medicine for less than two years.Tuberculosis is not a terrible disease these days, so maybe that’s why my mother didn’t take it to heart.She probably doesn’t know what I’ve been like for the last two years, but I haven’t left the hospital.”By not leaving the hospital, I didn’t mean that I had a relapse, or that I was in the hospital again, or anything else.At first I thought I had some other medical condition, but recently I realized I had depression and anxiety.It was so bad that just a month ago, I was prescribed sleeping pills for insomnia.Of course, the doctors were standard, giving me only two or three pills at a time, but I saved them.Then…”Ren Qian su made a gesture, indicating that everyone understood.”Thank you to my friends and doctors.I don’t think I’m in the right state to go back to my mother and take care of my brother.I can’t even take care of myself because of me.”(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!”I’d rather die than marry you again!”Through the sweet pet text: “phase mansion your female” just want to say, owe her slowly return!She haiku in this world for thousands of years, see all the ugliness of the people, also linger in the world warm feeling long poor she just want to go home ah, for this Jian Ge can only look up to heaven long sigh, god injustice!