“Epidemic prevention and control” Notice of Xinyang Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters Office on orderly restoration of the city’s production and life order

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and social and economic development, and ensure a safe and peaceful Spring Festival for the people of Qingdao, the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Qingdao has decided to resume normal production and life order starting from midnight on January 27, 2022. The relevant information is hereby announced as follows: 1.Scenic spots, bathing centers, libraries, museums, theaters and gyms have been reopened.Internet bar, KTV, game hall, mahjong hall, chess and card room, bar, leisure health place, beauty shop, health hall, massage shop and other closed entertainment places are temporarily closed.Offline training and trusteeship services of off-campus training institutions will not be resumed for the time being, and online teaching will be advocated.Second, strictly control the number of personnel.Open scenic spots and scenic spots shall not receive more than 75% of the maximum carrying capacity in accordance with the requirements of “reservation, flow restriction and peak error”. Tourists outside Xinyang City shall hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours to enter scenic spots and scenic spots.3. Normal epidemic prevention and control measures such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, wearing masks, one-meter noodles and ventilation and disinfection shall be strictly implemented in public places. People who do not wear masks may be refused entry.Guests are not allowed to exceed 50% of the maximum capacity.Four, the general public, please friends continue to maintain a high level of protection consciousness, to carry out the disease prevention and control measures, make personal protection and health monitoring, such as fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, please immediately report to the community (village), and in a timely manner to the nearest fever clinics, on the way to do personal protection, avoid taking public transportation.V. The local governments and competent industry departments should take their regulatory responsibilities and continue to supervise and inspect the epidemic prevention and control of their own industries and departments to ensure that all measures are implemented.Those found not complying with epidemic prevention and control regulations will be immediately shut down.Source: Xinyang Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office