“I do practical things for the People” Huzhong Town carried out a special cleaning activity of “I do practical things for the people, eliminate mosquitoes, drive flies and clean their homes”

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Poke blue word “China’s coldest town” follow us yo!On February 9, huzhong town launched a special cleaning campaign, “I do practical things for the people, eliminate mosquitoes and flies, and clean their homes”, to curb the breeding of mosquitoes and further improve people’s satisfaction and happiness.After the Spring Festival, the weather turns warm, so a large number of mosquitoes and flies breed in the pipes of residential buildings, seriously affecting the normal life of residents.Huzhong town immediately launched an action, buy fly killing agents in pipe openings, corridor Windows, stairs and other places to carry out full coverage spraying, mosquito and fly breeding serious health dead spot for cleaning, focusing on the cleaning of waste containers, removal of mosquito and fly dead bodies, strengthen the sanitation management of dustbins.The staff will clear out the garbage in time, effectively eliminate mosquito breeding, to ensure that no dead spots, no blind areas.Through this special action, effectively reduce the activity frequency of mosquitoes and flies, prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of all kinds of infectious diseases, especially in the situation of repeated severe epidemic situation, to protect the health of residents in the area, at the same time by the residents of the area.Huzhong Town will continue to carry out relevant activities, which will be closely combined with the patriotic health movement, popularize health tips to residents, and drive residents to participate in environmental remediation activities.Supervised production: Zhang Binbin review: Xi Xueying responsible editor: Feng Hongwei Editor: Feng Hongwei Text: Tong Tong Tong, You see this article with · second, forward only 1 second! Welcome everyone to contribute, our email is: hzxcwx@163.com