Is it all right to look at timesharing only for intraday futures?

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Futures ultra short – term only time – sharing chart, ok?Do futures day – trading only look at time – sharing chart?Futures ultra short line and futures day trading only time – sharing chart, only see time – sharing chart is not possible.The main styles of intraday futures are call orders, intraday bands, intraday trends, and so on.Short term futures trading, there are a lot of factors to consider, and some of the best futures traders, what looks like short term, is actually long term, because they’ve been trend-following for a long time.Say futures short – term trades now, see the harm of time – sharing diagram only.1. It’s easy to buck the main trend if you only look at time-sharing charts.The direction of the main trend is the big trend, with great vision.There is no pattern for a trader to focus only on what is in front of him.How can one sweep the world without sweeping it?This sentence emphasizes that we should start from small things and start from details.But if you sweep the floor at home with a broom every day, it is impossible to grasp the world trend.Cite this example is to show that only look at the time-sharing line, ignoring the global situation, easy to cause short-sighted.2. Only look at the time-sharing chart, easy to be aroused by the disk, resulting in emotional operation.Remember when just began to do futures trading, I from the open to close, has been chasing up kill, in and out, very happy!Lunch plate, I still enjoy it, have been staring at the screen, waiting for the afternoon trading.These are all signs of no trading plan, no trading resolve.The timeshare chart is part, while the weekly and monthly levels are the whole.Whether it is analysis, market direction, or analysis of the kinetic energy of the market, we should base ourselves on the whole, establish a global concept, study more specimens, analysis cycle should be long.Another example is a group of people sitting at a table to eat. Can you tell who is competent by five minutes of performance?It’s easy to judge strength over five months.Trader A had three moves in five months, trader B had one move in five months, and trader C had none in five months.Now who are you willing to make a deal with?In short, look at a person, analyze a period of market, the time cycle can not be too short, need to focus on the big, small start.There are other trading videos and articles on my home page, follow me, leave me a comment and chat about trading!