Leggings are the clothes that lazy people go out to wear quickly, there is no lack of fashionable feeling, fresh and refreshing

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Leggings are the clothes that lazy people go out to wear quickly, there is no lack of fashionable feeling, fresh and refreshing.The collocation of leggings is small skill, how to wear pants in cold weather, how to wear leggings suitable for short money just good-looking?What color leggings look good on?If you don’t know these things, you can’t be a fashion trendsetter.I’m gonna tell you how to put on pants today.1, the length of leggings choose leggings as a versatile single product, just with the coat or the inner match is very elegant.The leggings of long paragraph can cover leg completely insufficient, wear temperament also is very good.Students who are afraid of heat can choose light-colored hem leggings, which have a good visual effect, and simple collocation can wear fairy style.The combination of short front and long back, this slimming effect is the best.And if you have good proportions, you can try short pants, and long legs are welcome.Long leggings will be more pick figure, figure bad girls must choose carefully.2, color matching pants color selection, there are not too many rules, basically the color of leggings are black, brown, blue, green, brown, etc., the color is not very bright color, do not pick skin color, but the black can not be too dark, white can not be too bright, it is best to be quietly elegant.For girls with fair and shiny skin, it’s best to wear a versatile white dress with leggings.3, whether too many skin pants too short face shape is not prominent enough girls, wear it is not beautiful.T-shirts and tank tops do a great job of concealing flaws, but leggings are the wrong place to wear see-through clothing such as a T-shirt to avoid revealing facial flaws.Condole belt leggings are the hot sheet of summer taste, elegant flounces decorated the defect of waist and crotch ministry on the vision, decorated the inadequacy of figure.4, whether the waist do not think that the waist show fat do not choose leggings, waist show thin, choose waist clothes can also cover waist defects, but when wearing must pay attention to the performance of the legs.A lot of girls think that revealing the waist is a good look, but this kind of pant pant really shows off the body flaw, too long shows off the chunky.Black leggings are always dull, so mid-length leggings with long boots will look good.If the waist is already a little bloated, you can consider exposing a small part, such as the waist a little meaty girls.If the color of pants is not very good-looking, we must avoid it, which is easy to appear the whole person’s temperament is poor.Did you get everything from today’s outfit?