Municipal science and technology bureau organized the taihang laboratory work promotion meeting

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to further implement the city leaders on the establishment of taihang laboratory instructions and instructions spirit, to accelerate the establishment of taihang laboratory work, February 14 morning, the city science and Technology Bureau Director Li Liang organized the taihang laboratory work promotion meeting,Huo Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, Yu Guoguo, dean of the College of Life Science of Henan Normal University, Yang Xianguo, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Henan Normal University, Li Zhijun, general manager of Xinxiang State-owned Assets Group, Shi Dawei, deputy general manager of Xinxiang State-owned assets Group and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.At the meeting, the municipal Science and Technology Bureau conveyed the latest requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and government on the preparation of taihang Laboratory, analyzed the overall layout of the laboratory in Henan Province, and communicated with the participating units about the relationship between taihang laboratory and the state key laboratory, functional positioning, stage goals, organizational form, site arrangement and other specific work.Henan Normal University reported the research direction, project planning and other preparatory work.Xinxiang State-owned assets Group put forward opinions and suggestions on the site selection.The meeting pointed out that: first, Henan Normal University, as the leading unit of laboratory construction, should increase the strength of resource integration, and strive to come up with a more comprehensive taihang laboratory construction plan in mid-February, as soon as possible to clarify the laboratory construction schedule and progress map.Second, strengthen the docking and liaison with the provincial Science and Technology Department, strive for the support of the provincial science and Technology Department, report to the provincial party committee and government as soon as possible, and strive to realize the listing of the laboratory as soon as possible.The third is to promote the effective docking between Henan Normal University and Xinxiang State-owned Assets Group, support both sides to carry out in-depth negotiations on the introduction of diversified funds and achievement transformation model for Taihang Laboratory, and determine the location of the laboratory as soon as possible to provide support for the preparatory work.