Real estate News/Evergrande Pearl River Delta Company’s 63 projects under construction have fully resumed production

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Photo source:Vision 63 01 Evergrande the pearl river delta companies in China are under construction project has the comprehensive return to work and production according to the property in the pearl river delta WeChat Evergrande public message on 27 January, 63 construction projects is the pearl river delta company has comprehensive resume work and production, since the end of December last year in foshan, yangjiang, shaoguan, heyuan, zhaoqing, qingyuan, chaozhou city 19 items are batch delivery,So far, more than 5,000 houses have been delivered.China Vanke Co.,Ltd. on Thursday issued the first 3 billion yuan of medium-term notes in the interbank market to be used for the construction of commercial housing projects, with an interest rate of 2.95% and triple-A ratings for both main and debt.Market participants pointed out that the recent real estate enterprise financing behavior has gradually return to normal, such as reasonable capital requirements are satisfied, market expectations improved steadily, and helps to reduce the pressure of enterprise funds, improve enterprise operation ability, ensure the smooth completion of the project implementation in building, the requirements of the people’s livelihood, maintaining stability and promoting the healthy development of the real estate industry and the virtuous cycle.Management Of CoSCO group:Ocean invited issue of m&a loan, not for acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions on 27 January, comprehensive market news, investor conference in today’s ocean group, cosco group management said, m&a loan after not included in the “three line”, regulators and its dealers association to encourage high quality of the people’s bank of enterprise, to do some special loan of m&a and ocean are also invited to the white list,The company is also trying and preparing, but according to the overall strategic consideration, will not merge for the sake of mergers and acquisitions, there is no specific target, there is no cooperation with risk real estate enterprises.According to the enterprise check, recently, Sichuan Blu-ray Development Co., LTD. (BLU) newly implemented equity freeze, frozen subject for the enterprise Sichuan Blu Financial Consulting Service Co., LTD., the amount of frozen interests of 5 million yuan.The execution notice of this freeze is (2022) Chuan0191 Zhubao No. 16. The execution matters are the public equity freeze and other investment rights and interests, and the freezing date is from January 18, 2022 to January 17, 2025.China Poly Group and China Construction Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the development of affordable rental housing in Beijing on Jan. 26, according to Poly Group.Plans to jointly build housing lease finance cooperation platform, with private equity funds as the carrier, attract social capital support of affordable rental housing construction, exploration of affordable rental housing in incubation cultivation, construction operation in the whole life cycle of business issued by public offering REITs mode, build in the virtuous cycle of revitalize the stock of assets to drive incremental investment,We will activate the internal driving force of the capital market to support the development of low-income rental housing, increase the supply of high-quality low-income rental housing, and promote high-quality development of the housing rental market.On January 26, Shanghai Chengdi Xiangjiang Data Technology Co., Ltd. announced that the net profit of shareholders of listed companies in 2021 is expected to be -450 million yuan to -650 million yuan.It is expected that the company’s net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 will be -420 million yuan to -620 million yuan.During the reporting period, affected by evergrande Group liquidity risk, evergrande Group commercial notes received by the company defaulted, and part of due receivable project funds were not recovered in time.At the same time, affected by the liquidity risk of Taihe Group, the total receivables of relevant projects amount to 33.2463 million yuan, which may not be recovered.So far, affected by the commercial invoice default of Evergrande Group and the project payment of Taihe Group, Chengdi Xiangjiang has withdrawn a total of 86.98 million yuan of impairment.On the morning of January 27, Guangzhou real estate company Times China Holdings Limited announced that it intends to place a total of 117.7 million existing shares at the allocation price of HK $3.4 per share.Equivalent to approximately 5.93% of the current issued share capital of Time China and approximately 5.60% of the issued share capital enlarged by the placing and issue of subscription shares. The placing agent is UBS Group.The hk $3.40 per share placement price represents a 17.07 per cent discount to the Hk $4.1 closing price on January 26, according to the announcement.Time China Holdings expects the total proceeds from the subscription to be approximately HK $400 million and the net proceeds received by the Company after deducting related fees and expenses will be HK $394 million.Gome’s new chairwoman is Huang Xiuhong, sister of founder Huang Guangyu, according to home Appliance Consumer website Gome on January 27.At the same time, gome old minister Li Juntao returned to gome group, as gome electrical vice president.According to public filings, Huang xiuhong has worked at Gome since 1991, served as general manager of East China in 2005, president of Gome Holding Group Co., Ltd. from 2009 to 2016, and chairman of Pengrun Holdings Co., Ltd. from 2009 to present.