Reveal “the date of spring” mobile Spring Festival Gala high-tech, “immersive” to enjoy the audio-visual feast

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At 18:00 on January 30 (the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month), the “Date of Spring — Bibcock News · Life News 2022 Mobile Spring Festival Gala” will be broadcast simultaneously on bibcock news client, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, Toutiao, wechat video and dozens of local new media.There were many dazzling high-tech additions to brighten the evening.People sitting at home, but can experience the visual feast “in the face of the” meta-universe “can not be counted.On 25th, the reporter of Leading news · Life interviewed the staff of Qukan Technology Digital Content Innovation Research Institute to reveal the scientific and technological force behind it!With the beautiful scenery of the ice sculpture, under the traction of the golden text of “The end of the World together at this time”, accompanied by the flying snowflakes, bypasses the dancing ice, the audience seems to be in both a strong European style and full of national joy stage, flowing light overflow.”Xi with ruixue from heaven, tiger title plum blossom spring to.Every Spring Festival, and to the date of spring.With the breath of Spring and the joy of The Spring Festival, let’s meet you again!”In the two hosts’ ebullient opening remarks, snow village, ice and snow world, ice and snow scenery, a picture of longjiang style came into view.People come to the stage, but in the immersive visual effects, perfect experience of the “oncoming” visual feast.The stage and the stage are integrated, with strong visual impact and shocking effect.The audience can have such an immersive experience thanks to the high-tech “meta-universe”.The term “metasomes” was first coined in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche” and has since become phenomenological again in 2021.Metaverse, by definition, is a new type of virtual reality application that integrates digital, Internet and other new technologies and allows users to edit the virtual world to provide an immersive audio-visual experience.Disclosure:Realistic special effects, lighting simulation scene “immersive” mentioned in the “spring – leading news · al-hayat 2022 phone gala” technology application in the party, technical personnel told al-hayat reporter, in reality, in a short period of time to build a beautiful, large-scale studio is extremely difficult, and the technical staff is by using virtual reality to strengthen the special features,To achieve technological innovation.The scene of the stage is based on a powerful rendering engine to achieve unique visual effects. Various particle effects, light effects and ice simulation make the scene achieve realistic visual experience.At the beginning of the scene, the audience can see the word “Tianya Commences at this time”, which appears with the effect of dissipation. This is a vivid dynamic effect achieved by generating particles from the 3D model and dissipating the particles.Looking at the stage where the two hosts are standing, the reflection and shadow of the european-style street lamps on the ice truly simulate the reflection and refraction effect of light on the ice.You can see the snowflakes falling from the sky, which are created by the 3D weather system. The staff simulated the ice in the scene based on the real reflection and the influence of the weather.It is the layered support of high technology that makes the stage visual presentation full of technology and freshness come true.We will soon enter the 2022 Lunar New Year, remember January 30 (December 28) 18 o ‘clock lock together “spring about”, feel the new visual charm, feel the power of science and technology!Copyright: Reprint in any form without permission is prohibited