The first architectural culture museum in the province is located in tongan Town, Yongtai County, the hometown of traditional architecture

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According to fuzhou Evening News, this Spring Festival, allegorical “ancient House reading book” — Tongan Town Architectural Culture Museum, did you go to clock?Reporters from Yongtai county, the province’s first architectural culture museum, after more than three months of decoration and exhibition, on February 1 (the first day of the first lunar month) free of charge to the public, become a new village tour card point.Some of the architectural components displayed in the exhibition hall.Tongan Town, Yongtai County, is a town of traditional architecture, rich in ancient architecture resources.A group of intact large ancient villages in qing Dynasty are rarely retained here.Among them, Aijingzhuang was awarded the 2018 ASIA-PACIFIC Cultural Heritage Conservation Excellence Award by UNESCO.Based on the characteristics of Zhuang Village culture and architecture, Tongan Town, jointly funded by the government and the people, has built the first architectural culture museum in Fujian Province — Tongan Town Architectural Culture Museum.The museum is built using part of the old cinema in the town, and covers an area of more than 800 square meters.Walking into the museum, you can see elements of the ancient house everywhere.As the first landscape to enter the museum, the entrance of the exhibition hall to create the qingshi Village, Aijing Zhuang, Jia Lu Zhuang and other models.”As soon as you come in, you will have an atmosphere and feeling of entering the ancient residential houses, which is more conducive to seriously appreciate and appreciate the ancient architectural components displayed and the cultural connotation it embodies.”Said Bao Guozhong, director of tongan Town Architectural Culture Museum.Even a piece of wood has its own name.Such as the “hanging fish”, a member of an ancient building about 200 years ago, which used to hang from a cornices.Qing Dynasty wood carvings, such as slanting support, bird for, brackets, joint plaque, take you to appreciate the beauty of “da Craftsman attacking wood”;A variety of qing Dynasty puzzle wood Windows take you “window” more time and space;Ancient auspicious stone carving, is really “stone” in the wonderful;Ancestral halls, halls, temples, such as plaques, couplets, beams, tables, etc., are the code to crack the traditional rural culture……Craftsmen build a country, create French, big carpenter attack wood, “stone” in the wonderful, auspicious animal loyalty, three hall password, xinghan brilliant, building library……In the exhibition design, Bao Guozhong created a unique allegorical theme, through a group, a piece of traditional architectural relics to tell a story of architectural culture, forming a powerful narrative system of architectural culture.In this way, the concept and characteristics of museum scene construction, literary expression, philosophical revelation, cultural relic protection and audience experience are organically integrated, and the historical culture and heritage value of ancient House architecture is fully displayed in the form of Mosaic and independent pieces.The museum also combines traditional architectural culture with modern architectural industry, becoming an important carrier to display excellent architectural culture.During the Spring Festival, it has become a new point for rural tourism.Next, deep town will also be based on the characteristic, the excavation and activation of zhuang village culture, as the country revitalization of the core power of developing cultivation characteristics of deep travel brand, through the “zhuang village + travel” zhuang village + “inquiry learning” and so on rural tourism new formats, activate the whole development of relevant industries, to create “, and industry hing, heredity “.(Reporter Lin Ya Correspondent Ye Wei/Photo provided by Yongtai County Rong Media Center)