The “special” service in Vietnam only costs 30-50 yuan a time, do you know what it is?

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The article is tang Sir Riding a horse to explore the world original, copyright belongs to the author all, welcome to share reprint.When you make up your mind to start, it means that the most difficult time is over.So what are you waiting for?Start at once!Speaking of Vietnam tourism, these years can be said to be developing in full swing, attracting unknown number of tourists.History aside, what about the experience of traveling to Vietnam?Can only say it is a long story!Among other things, even the simplest entry we have to suffer from Vietnamese customs difficulties, here have to praise Japan.Although they live a good life with us have an irreconcilable history of hatred, but in the sense of travel experience that is really nothing to say.At least in Japan we didn’t get picked on or bullied for no reason, but in Vietnam it was different.I don’t know if any of my friends who have traveled to Vietnam have encountered such a situation, but as far as I know, many of my friends who have been to Vietnam have experienced such an experience.That is in the entry of Vietnam customs, customs officers asked for tips, although the money is not much, 10 yuan RMB can be fixed, but the insult is too obvious ah!The same entry into Vietnam, European and American countries, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand…You don’t even have to tip to get into China…But this is the case, there are still an endless stream of tourists choose to travel to Vietnam, really do not understand Vietnam has what kind of magic, can make countless people remember it.Of course, the difficulties at customs were just an appetizer to the experience that followed.Behind there are more routines waiting for you, what foreigners double the price, forced to sell and so on can be said to be emerging in endlessly.However, a large number of tourists choose to travel to Vietnam every year, because they see the cost of Vietnam is much lower, even if the price increases are a little more than in China.The most important thing is that many people are fascinated by Vietnam’s unique exotic atmosphere, especially a “special” service that is cheap and technically unsophisticated.Most people only know about Thailand’s ladyboy performances and the heart-throbbing “adult daisu”, but Vietnam has similar “special services”.These practitioners are not only the same little sister, but also very unique professional techniques, only need to spend tens of yuan, you can enjoy their intimate service.And these massage shops can be said to be all over the streets of Vietnam, has become a beautiful scenery line on the streets of Vietnam, so what services do these shops have?Don’t worry, let’s find out more.You can see a large number of barber shops in the streets of Vietnam, and these shops vary in size, from luxurious clubhouse-style to a few tables and chairs can be opened.Most importantly, these barbershops are mostly filled with young ladies with delicate faces and beautiful bodies.Unlike the transvestite in Thailand, these technicians in Vietnam’s barbershop are real women, more feminine.For only 30-50 RMB, you can enjoy a unique haircut experience!Unlike domestic haircuts, Vietnamese haircuts are more than just haircuts!Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so memorable to countless tourists that they would have had their hair cut several times a day.Getting a haircut in Vietnam is like getting a haircut, a foot bath and a care package.When you come in, the barber will give you a massage and ask you how you want your hair cut.After that, I cut your hair and shave you very lovingly, and then I wash myself and put on all kinds of products.Such a meal operation down only need 30-50 yuan, this if in China, just a hair will be this price!It’s no wonder that so many tourists are still interested in Vietnam, even though it’s so cheap.I don’t know if you’ve ever traveled to Vietnam, have you ever been picked on or ripped off?What impressed you most about this country?If you had the choice, would you like to travel to Vietnam?Welcome to leave your comments.For more exciting content, follow Sir Tang to explore the world on horseback