United mind!The bottom team upset the defending champions, Atletico Madrid 0-1 levante

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Comes to Spain, the fans must be the first think of giants real Madrid and Barcelona, but the two had swept the European football clubs, are now into the trough, and sheets legion atletico Madrid last season, seize the opportunity to win the Primera Liga champions, offseason bandits handsome simone also frequently, by introducing more attacking players,Hope to be able to improve the team’s overall attack ability, but the new season after the start, the defending champion performance far below expectations, not only in the championship was behind leaders real Madrid in the early out of the title race, can now enter the first four for next season’s champions league qualification, has become the difficult problem of atletico Madrid!In west yet twenty round game at home against atletico Madrid last championship levante, are all in the field of the game, the sheets legion poor performance on the offensive end, but the defensive end also gave too much playing counter-attack opportunity, vice President of recumbent mele final league, 1-0 away over the defending champions,Bandit simeone also created his own coach atletico since the single season of goals lost record!Atletico Madrid could signings before the insufficient funds, and by other European clubs under the condition of poaching, and still has the strength of the major European clubs to break off the wrist, bandit, handsome simone arguably played under his leadership, the sheets legion had into the champions league final, only one step away from staying on top of Europe,But the lack of attack has been their biggest problem, which is why simeone wants to make changes this season to improve the team’s attacking ability.But from the perspective of the effect of current, simone didn’t let the offense has an immediate effect, but lost the living of the defense, it in the face of the worst championship levante, sheets legion in possession rate slightly dominant, formed the 12 shots, but only the range of 2 feet hit the woodwork,He also gave the opponents too many easy counter-attacks on the defensive side. Although the vice president of the league only finished 8 kicks, he hit the woodwork 5 times.The 54th minute levante formation, middle road the ball forward, to the right should mele, which kept the ball directly volley, help levante scored the only goal of the game, but in stoppage time the last minute of the game, the player levante omar, also completed a great threat in midfield clipped, but bad luck to play on the beam,There was no magic ball, levante had won only one of their first 23 Games in La Liga before this win, which is why fans criticized Atletico for losing after the game.After the end of the game, atletico Madrid and Barcelona, the same temporarily in fifth place, with a game in hand but Barcelona, they still holds the initiative of qualifying for the champions league, and the sheets legion bad state and performance, let Manchester united was the most happy one side, both teams will soon celebrate for the knockout stages of the champions league one 8,Manchester United have also struggled this season, but a win in the last round and a goal drought by cristiano Ronaldo, seen as atletico’s Nemesis, have given the reds confidence they can beat atletico and reach the last eight of the champions League.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the blossom on sports