College entrance examination full marks composition how to write?The answer is hidden in “People’s Daily”, which is worth children’s reading

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“Hope your child becomes a dragon, hope your daughter becomes a phoenix” is the wish of every parent. Although these two years have been advocated for children to reduce the burden, but the college entrance examination is just around the corner, so for children’s results, parents are more anxious.Learning this matter is not about the amount, more is to master the learning method, can really achieve twice the result with half the effort, which is also the reason for the score gap between many top students and others.In many subjects, Chinese has always been considered the easiest subject to score, as long as the textbook by heart, you can get most of the first score.And let a lot of parents headache is that some children in writing this piece is too weak, it is easy to lose scores, to know that the composition of the high school entrance examination has 40-60 points, and the composition of the college entrance examination is as high as 60-70 points.These points take up a large proportion of the Chinese paper, so it is urgent for children to learn writing skills.In the process of writing an essay, whether the title, structure or material of the essay are all important modules of pulling score.And every year in the approaching major exams, many Chinese teachers will ask students to pay more attention to the hot current affairs of the past two years, a lot of reading comprehension, composition materials and even composition questions, high probability will appear.Among them, The People’s Daily, as the most representative newspaper in China, is extremely concerned by teachers and students. Some even collect and print books and read them carefully.Not only that, “People’s Daily” above the article is through layers of review proofread high-quality works, can be said to be one of the important model of children learning to write.”People’s Daily” appears in the Chinese textbooks compiled by part of the edition, and has been included in the examination questions of the National College Entrance Examination for many times.2018 National College Entrance Examination III, “People’s Review” column “Knowledge changes China — Written in the 40th Anniversary of the resumption of college Entrance Examination” was selected as the composition topic material;”The spirit of craftsman is never a trivial skill, but a real power to change the world.”In the past two years, examiners are more inclined to the requirements of the composition, the point of view is clear, logical and coherent, and the composition material selected can hit the key.In fact, many children have very good ideas, but they can not describe them with beautiful writing style. Due to the lack of extracurricular reading, the materials they use are relatively old, or even thin and unconvincing.In order to let students who are about to enter the high school entrance examination write an excellent masterpiece, “People’s Daily” specially launched a set of “People’s Daily teach you to write good articles” (high school entrance examination edition/college entrance examination edition).”People’s Daily Teach you to Write Well” is an authoritative publication of People’s Daily Publishing House with a history of more than 70 years.In this process, The People’s Daily Publishing House specially invited He Yu, a special-grade Chinese teacher, as the chief editor, carefully selected the hot issues suitable for the examination questions and summarized them.Selected are the People’s Daily criticism department, literary and art department to the essence of argumentation, review, prose and documentary.Each has a point of view, attitude and authority.”People’s Daily teach you to write good articles” is divided into: current political hot material collection, middle and college entrance examination writing skills guidance, real topic review and prediction, three writing learning modules.In addition, People’s Daily Publishing House invited a number of Chinese experts, high school and college entrance examination teachers to comment on and explain the selected articles.Clever thinking between paragraphs, essential writing skills……Be one point broken extension, children read the party know good articles where, how to use.Lead students to pay attention to the changes of The Times, think about the relationship between personal development and the strength of the motherland, even if a casual sentence, in the children’s composition are bright eyes add clauses!”I have been reading The People’s Daily with my grandfather since childhood. When I went to school, I found that MY sensitivity to current politics, critical thinking ability and writing ability are better than my classmates,” a netizen shared.Because “People’s Daily” articles have heat, depth, height, temperature, every sentence, are worthy of children to learn the full mark model.It sings the theme, is often selected by the college entrance examination, so each article, can be called a penniless model examination room.Children in the big test with small test, will be able to let the teacher read a bright, not to high marks are difficult!The child contacts it, still can raise thought height, the exam of liberal arts kind course also is handy come, have profit greatly.No wonder the books have been highly recommended by many teachers and parents since they were first published!We are also willing to cry out for good content, and we strive for special benefits with the People’s Publishing House to prevent the threshold of knowledge: normally, a set costs 100 yuan, but now it only costs 99 yuan!As long as the price of a meal, can give the children preparing for the test in the sprint stage, provide a catch-up score treasure, what is not worth?Click on the commodity card below to take home the genuine book!Take this valuable teaching resource home and help your child take the test.