He makes $20 million lying down, hanging off the core, and death can’t do anything about him

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There is such a “special” company in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.Employees never work overtime, every day move fingers to knock on the keyboard, and take the initiative to find the net friends to chat on the line, as long as they can type more than 40 words per minute, they can get a monthly salary of more than ten thousand…The boss not only doesn’t object to “office romance”, but also arranges weddings for couples at his own expense…But in the face of a large number of unreasonable requests from netizens, in the face of the full screen of “greetings to the family” abuse, the staff are happy…The boss of this person, at first glance love “play big”, dressing and washing, three meals a day, work and work, there are special people around the side of the service, cold days shrink in bed, let people push him, patrol the company…Neither speak rules, do not see record of formal education, not card age, boss PUA, colleagues do not roll, the treatment is very superior, this is to dozen workers, it is the fairy work.However, you have a high degree, and strong working ability, are not crowded in.Because it’s only for one type of people: people with disabilities.This “special” company is the “Henan FoD Support and Love Base”.Over the past 7 years, more than 3800 people with disabilities have ushered in the watershed of destiny here and headed for a brand new life…Everything, but also from the founder of the story of Wang Shaojun…In 1987, Wang Shaojun was in high school.In his spare time, he was the main player of the school football team. His outstanding skills won him a lot of praise.Suddenly one day, Wang Shaojun found that there was something wrong with his body: when he was standing at attention, his body would lean back unconsciously, and his muscles hardened while his calves seemed to become thinner.On the court, his grades got worse and worse, and the matches that he had been able to win easily became very difficult…Wang Shaojun went to the hospital for a physical examination, a fate judgment, “pa” appeared in front of him: he was suffering from “charcot-marie-tooth disease”, also known as “Lou Gehrig disease”.He has not taken an examination of the university, how to do in the future?You’re just gonna let all your visions of the future turn into fantasy?His family took him to various places, saw many doctors and did a lot of treatment, but there was no sign of improvement. A medical doctor told him to stop treating diseases at random and wait for the further development of science and technology.In a word, put out the heart of Wang Shaojun, the last cluster of weak flames…Thunderstorms of fate, strike after strike.In his senior year of high school, Wang shaojun’s 54-year-old father died suddenly of an acute heart attack.Without his support, the whole family collapsed. His grandmother held his hand and talked with him until midnight. She did not know what would happen to Him now that his father was gone and he was tottering from his back.Just a few months later, Grandma died.And the mother, also in a year later, because of cerebral infarction, died…Wang Shaojun said: the original is someone shelter from the wind and rain, suddenly one night changed the sky, the combination of fate hit the north, did not come out of a pit, and fell into another pit…In front of reality, he fell to the bottom, even the bottom of the rebound opportunity, have no.He was not only admitted to the university, but also found a job in the government after graduation to support himself…He knew very well that he had very few chips in his hand, so he never slackened off in his work and life in the past 10 years.It wasn’t until he was so sick that he had to put his hands on his knees to crawl up the stairs that he realized he didn’t have much time left…He had never forgotten his promise to “make life better for his family,” and his disability was never a reason to lose heart.After much thought, Wang shaojun made a bold decision: quit his job and start a business while he still could.If you can’t beat the body, do something with your head.At that time, because the market is closed, the local garlic is often unsalable, Wang Shaojun vaguely feel that this is an opportunity.So he set up an “electronic garlic trading center” in Zhongmou County, near Zhengzhou, to provide free trading information for garlic farmers.Free of charge?Isn’t it entrepreneurship?How did it become voluntary labor?Of course not, with the information network, Wang Shaojun is able to master the garlic trade first-hand information, he can smell the market opportunity earlier than ordinary garlic farmers: when the big profits are caught up, when the big losses are avoided…More than ten years, Wang Shaojun toss garlic, made more than 20 million yuan.This business made Wang shaojun’s expectations for the future come true when he was young.Earn money at the same time, the Internet also let Wang Shaojun see more, with their own similar experience of the disabled, “human suffering” four words of despair suffocation, he empathized…Therefore, he opened a blog, do forum, set up “Henan province disabled entrepreneurs Association”, helped many disabled people…In 2014, Wang was selected as the “National Self-improvement model”. He said he felt “humbled” and felt he could do more for the disabled.”There are a lot of disabled people like me. Are they just sitting at home waiting to die?”Even after surviving the stage of self-abandonment, society leaves the disabled with very limited options.Many disabled people want to support themselves, but can not find the way…Based on these practical problems, Wang Shaojun invested more than 10 million yuan of his own money in 2015 to establish a “Henan Disabled People Support and Love Base” covering an area of 108 mu, providing free “cloud customer service” training for the whole province.During the construction period, Wang Shaojun had a sudden cerebral infarction, and his speech became unclear. He was sent to the hospital for examination and found that the left main blood vessel had been completely blocked.Just out of the rescue room, lying on the hospital bed, Wang Shaojun misses the construction progress most. He uses wechat to type and supervise the work remotely. Because he is severely disabled, he knows the needs of students and the practicability of one desk and one chair in the base best.”Cloud customer service” is actually the “little honey” we contact when we encounter problems in taobao shopping, which belongs to the official customer service of Taobao platform.As long as the students pass the typing speed test (43 words per minute), they can be certified to work at home.Typing is a finger job, but for people with disabilities, it is like a marathon of physical and mental endurance.Some of the trainees at the base are partially paralyzed, some have severe burns, some have cerebral palsy, some are ALS like Wang Shaojun, and some don’t even have arms…Although the process was difficult, Wang Shaojun did not give up any students.For example, Qingrong is a single mother with two children.Suffering from polio, she can only use a wheelchair, life is difficult to a family of 4 people living in a rented room, sleep at night, there will be mice jump to bed…Because can not get out of the emergency fee, Qingrong wipe tears, to the fever of the child to do a whole night of physical cooling;The child made to eat steamed bread, but a dollar of steamed bread money, Qingrong leng is not out;When they went out to play with their children, Qingrong always told them, “Don’t ask for anything, because mother has no money.”When he came to the base, Qing Rong was already 34 years old. He had never been to school for a day and could not even learn pinyin. He could only type one or two words a minute.After three months of free training, she still failed the assessment. When she was packing up to go home, Wang Shaojun came to her and said, “Don’t worry about that. As long as you are willing to learn, keep learning until you get your work number and can work…And 3 months, Green Rong successfully passed the assessment, but according to the provisions, like her such a disabled person can not hold office, hope to be extinguished again…Without saying a word, Wang Shaojun went directly to the headquarters and presented his grade 1 severe disability certificate to the top management. He convinced them with his own case that the degree of disability does not represent the ability to work. The more severely disabled children are, the more they need a job.Under his efforts, this rule was soon abolished…For example, when he was five years old, he lost his arms to electric shock, and he was one of the least advantaged of the trainees.Usually eat, wash, go to the toilet, all need other people’s help, inferiority and autistic psychological serious he, do not believe that they can learn to type, through the examination, back and back to run home more than ten times…Wang Shaojun did not believe this. He thought that since Xiaokang could play games with his feet, he would surely learn to type with his feet. So he picked him up three times and went back to the base.In wang Shaojun’s patient enlighten below, well-off insisted to come down, every minute can hit 48 words, still got “excellent customer service personnel”, through the feet, well-off not only can feed himself, still can allowance family expenses…Do not wish to communicate with the outside world originally well-off, slowly become optimistic…So moving transition, in the training base of shao-jun wang, was repeated: for example, rickety cerebral palsy patients body small tong, business in after two months after the training, can already occupy the flexible employment, more than two thousand dollars of income a month, fully able to support themselves, illustrsation of mother, have a smile…For example, before the college entrance examination, Xiao Wang was paralyzed by a car accident. He not only became an excellent customer service worker, bid farewell to his self-abandonment, but also met his favorite girl in the base and entered the palace of marriage.For example, 98% of the skin was severely burned, guo Hui has committed suicide several times, with only a finger can type, let “business champion” become a common dish, and even set a monthly income record of 13958 after tax (all customer service, including healthy people)…The glass in the classroom is covered with post-it notes written by students, each containing the simplest and deepest passion of life: “May I love all, trust a few, and do wrong to all.Stop being impulsive.””After 2 months, the only goal is not to bite the elderly, the salary is not too big requirements, just hope to support themselves!Go where you want to go, love who you want to love, come on!””Wish my future work is smooth, buy a house of own as soon as possible.”…The operation of the base is getting better and better.However, Wang Shaojun’s health was getting worse and worse.In 5 years, Wang Shaojun suffered 3 brain attacks…The muscles of the upper limbs were atrophiing, the rice bowl could not be lifted, the water bottle could not be twisted, the whole person was very weak…He insisted on wearing baggy pants so as not to see his drying legs…Then, at the beginning of 2020, it happened again.One day, Wang shaojun’s electric wheelchair suddenly exploded, and he was unable to move his body to save himself, could only watch, his body was burned…The accident caused severe burns to 62 percent of her body.Wang Shaojun spent half a year in ICU. During skin grafting, 11 layers were removed from his head and a large chunk from his chest.At that time, Wang Shaojun was in pain. If he chose to end his life at this time, it would be an easy thing. But behind him, there were a group of disabled friends who were eager to change their fate.”Life can end, the mission is not done.”On one side is the base operation, the monthly cost is about 70,000 to 100,000…One side is the cost of treatment, and I don’t know when it will be…And before this, Wang Shaojun has put all his wealth, cast in the training base.He chose to put his rehabilitation treatment before the latter, first to ensure the continuous capital chain of the base. As for himself, he only put down a word: Carry it if you can…After leaving the hospital, Wang shaojun expanded the recruitment scope of the base from Henan province to the whole country, so that more disabled people who are eager to earn their own living and change their fate can have the opportunity to “live for themselves”…After the completion of the second phase of the base, the initial 200 people can be expanded to 600 to 800 people. It is foreseeable that there will be more people here to realize their personal value and reshape their fragmented lives.In the system of China’s Disabled Persons’ Federation, Wang Shaojun’s adherence is undoubtedly an indelible stroke.According to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, by 2020, there were 85 million disabled people in China, accounting for 6.21 percent of the total population. For every 100 Chinese, there were 6 disabled people…However, prejudice and discrimination against the whole group of people still exist in society. We still have a long way to go from disability facilities to employment for the disabled, and then to “disability integration”.Compared with “inspirational” and “touching”, what they need more is real help like Wang Shaojun’s.Wang Shaojun once said such a sentence, let the crow respect: dignity, is earned by oneself.In sickness, in misfortune, in the bitter and sweet taste of the world…In a wheelchair, he crossed the rivers, lakes and seas of life, mountains and fields, holding in his hands only the initial kindness, the initial sincerity, the initial courage…Incomplete body, unable to trap the soul of freedom, block constantly surging running.They may have no hands, no feet, no birdsong…However, bad cards can always play king bang, there are always roses out of the ruins.People always have to fight a life, for their own good live!Reference: Heroes everywhere · Wang Shaojun:Be a useful person (2019.11.18) “to happiness start, gradually frozen husband good wife hand in hand Support thousands of employment for the disabled (2019.11.26) documentary “life first”, the fifth set the work | a wheelchair “kiss”, “” gradually frozen disorder the headmaster was severely burned, 3800 disabled children spend all their savings to help employment, Syria the video