Liangzhou District: “Small dishes” to promote “big Civilization”

2022-04-29 0 By

The “Operation CD” sign on the dining table.Recently, the reporter came to wuwei Liangzhou Old Street food city, look around, can be seen everywhere “cd-rom action, thrift” “no leftovers, no leftovers” and other theme posters, each table is placed on the “cd-rom action” sign.After the customer finished the meal, the dish plate only has a little vegetable root, soup, almost can’t see the waste of food.”Liangzhou Old Street food City implant the concept of strict economy into the whole process of catering services, actively advocate ‘cd-rom action’, guide consumers to order food rationally, scientific consumption, civilized consumption.In particular, our ‘Small bowl dishes’ are not only diverse, but also affordable, convenient and highly praised by diners.”Liangzhou old street food city marketing director CAI Jun said.In Liangzhou District, in addition to the order catering stores, their restaurants are also actively implementing the “cd-rom action”.At the Royal Blue Diamond hotel, a message to stop food waste is displayed on a scrolling screen at the entrance, a slogan for “Clean Plate” hangs in the hotel, and a sign reading “No leftovers, no leftovers, take as much as you eat” is displayed on every table in the cafeteria and balcony.”We have an ‘N-1’ ordering model, where 10 people order nine and more dishes are added when there is not enough.For two or three people, we have introduced small and half portions to meet the diversified needs of guests under the premise of practicing economy…””Said Zhu Hongping, director of the Royal Blue Diamond Hotel.In recent years, Liangzhou District has taken strong measures to further promote the prevention of food waste, advocating that all citizens start from me, start from three meals a day, play a good food waste “protracted war”, to build a new civilized and happy Liangzhou.Nowadays, the economy consciousness of the broad masses of citizens of the whole area is enhanced obviously.”Small bowl dishes” are popular.The customer is at dinner.