“Two kinds of conjecture of marriage” : Yang contention for love is never Shen Mingbao, not Zhao Songwen

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Cho’s provocations escalated from the dark side to the open side.She took a necklace from her neck, put it on the table and said to Shen mingbao, “Guess who gave it to me. It’s very simple. Take this receipt and check it in the store.Although Shen Mingbao tried to be brave and said THAT I did not have the free time, but had already been the sentence “I heard that you are dating, marriage without the basis of love, just like autumn, sooner or later will cool” surprised almost lost measure.Shen mingbao took the necklace and the receipt and asked Yang Zheng, “Is this a gift or a token?””She gave me a shirt,” Yang said in an understatement.”As far as he’s concerned, it’s just a matter of reciprocity.In fact, for her husband and female boss that thing, Shen Mingbao clearly, just for the sake of two children, but also want to finally fight for a.Zhao Songwen (Zhang Yufei) provocative bestie Cheng Kexin had reminded her: like Zhao Songwen so steady people, how can let others take her and Yang Zheng ambiguous photos, in fact, this is led by Zhao Songwen.But Shen Mingbao also has a fantasy, he wants to hear different answers here in her husband Yang Zheng.Yang Zheng’s first reaction is his wife went to the company, such as hearing Shen Mingbao said Zhao Songwen took the initiative to find her, Yang Zheng instead of a sigh of relief, said this is her way of doing things.Shen Mingbao calmly said: “that night, is she active or you active?”Take a look at Yang Zheng’s reasoning. The man shamelessly used four rhetorical questions in succession: “Would you believe me if I said she took the initiative?Would you believe me if I said no one made the first move?Would you believe me if I told you it never happened?Even if something does happen, does it matter who made the move?The attraction is mutual, and it is not the fault of this magnet or that magnet.”I didn’t sleep with her. Spirit is a wild horse. It’s free and uncontrollable, and it can go where it pleases.See, it’s rare to see a man who can talk about his mistakes so freely.Yang zheng’s “wild horse theory” can only show that he never loved Shen Mingbao.Shen Mingbao (Yang Zishan) showdown with her husband Did Yang Zheng love Shen Mingbao?Yang Zheng and Shen Mingbao’s understanding said too hasty, two overtime madman, frustrated on the job, suddenly thought of should get married and have children, into the next stage of life, so two people with a resume to dating.Two highly educated blind date, pay attention to efficiency.The romance that does not have wind, snow and moon, also do not have the company of day long deep feeling, Yang Zheng is pulling shen Mingbao to do the marital match that oneself develop spend test question, get two are the person that suits each other most.So he began to pursue his wife relentlessly.Even the proposal was so hasty.The two were playing truth or Dare at a noisy snack stand. No flowers, no kneeling, no “I love you” and only a ring without a diamond.Shen Mingbao disappointed and go, Yang Zheng followed home.When Yang Zheng (Peng Guanying) proposes at a snack stand, shen finally agrees to Yang’s proposal, even without the flowers and diamond ring at the door.The two people together made a down payment on the wedding house, and bit by bit decorated the new home.But they were more like roommates.Shen Mingbao has to do not finish the planning scheme, Yang Zheng also write code, to the home to water no water, to food no food, so Yang Zheng said: “the family who earn more money, who has the final say.”Their marriage began with compromise. In Shen’s own words, life has two basic characteristics: survival and reproduction. When the time comes, birds will nest, fish will return and people will get married and have children.Cheng Kexin said: two people together, just like a seesaw, two people can not differ too much.What she felt was her own marriage.Shen Mingbao then words: two people if evenly matched, mutually assured, only each other.This is the truth of Shen mingbao’s marriage.Shen Mingbao Yang Zheng and Shen Mingbao married life, can be said to be a chicken feather.Stubborn mother-in-law, not sensible sister-in-law, even for a long period of time, Yang Zheng hopes Shen Mingbao to quit the job, set his mind at taking care of the home.They occasionally have small noisy small trouble, Shen Mingbao naive think, this is only the marriage seasoning agent, Yang Zheng is enough to love him.But that set of 10 million house, enough can see Yang Zheng’s unfeeling, Shen Mingbao took her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, the family set the house, when moving to find the landlord “to rent debt”, the house rented to others.Yang Zheng looked at the furniture outside the door, shouted at Shen Mingbao, the face can be said to be a little kindness, shen Mingbao was pregnant at that time.Yang Zheng found a new job, when the deputy general manager, in the heart more loathing shen Mingbao.But their small family, Shen Mingbao pay a little less than Yang Zheng ah.Yang Zhengyang’s change of face is really come too fast, he is unemployed that time, try to please Shen Mingbao, very patient around his wife.He took Zhao Songwen, became the deputy queen, cold violence to pregnant wife, even the most basic perfunctory did not.Did Yang Zheng ever love Shen Mingbao?I don’t think so. Yang is always fighting for himself. He is selfish, male chauvinist and wants everything in his family to revolve around him.He grew up under the strong mother, was indeed attracted by Shen Mingbao’s self-reliance and self-improvement at the beginning, but the trifles at home, and the temptation of Zhao Songwen, let him soon lost himself.Yang Zheng and Zhao Songwen, just use each other a shen Mingbao production of that moment, is her bestie husband Chen Tong just sent her to the hospital, no family follow, Shen Mingbao himself signed the surgical consent to endure the severe pain.By the time Yang Arrived late, Shen Mingbao had given birth to twins at the risk of haemorrhage.Yang Zheng see Shen Mingbao is not in danger, then returned to the company to deal with things.When Yang Zheng and Zhao Songwen lay on the operating table, Shen Mingbao should have given up.The man who says he goes to work for his wife and children goes to work for his own business when his wife needs help the most.Does Yang Zheng go to work really for his wife and children?But this family is falling apart.Yang Zheng’s busyness is purely for himself.He’s been out of work, and he knows what it’s like.Therefore, when he met zhao Songwen who appreciated him, he was full of gratitude and bent on making his career bigger and stronger so as to meet the realization of self-value.Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng showdown that night, Shen Mingbao said: “it is said that the wife is pregnant, is the high incidence of the husband to cheat, really fulfilled on me.”Yang Zheng countered: “People say that after a woman is pregnant, endocrine disorders, suspicious, I did not think of this kind of thing, also in my body came true.”Is the groundless suspicion of Shen Mingbao after all, or the fact that Yang Zhengderailed?We can see right from wrong at a glance.Yang Zheng and Shen Mingbao’s wedding Zhao Songwen, who came back from studying abroad, met Yang Zheng for the first time and had a good impression on this family-oriented man.When he saw the vice president handed over the resume, they recklessly recruited Yang.Yang Zhengben at that time is an old seniority programmer, because unwilling to carry the blame for a company, offended the boss, resulting in the industry was banned.Yang Zheng is very grateful to Zhao Songwen, the hard-won work of nature is particularly cherish.If just simple good work, it is no problem, but Yang Zheng for Zhao Songwen is every request, the relationship between the two people is getting closer and closer.Zhao Songwen to Yang Zheng’s mind is bright, written in the face.Yang Zheng was allowed to drink coffee with his own cup. In the meeting, he rubbed his foot against Yang Zheng, gave him a hug from time to time, pretended to be drunk, held Yang Zheng and left his lip print on Yang Zheng’s shirt collar…These are zheng Songwen means, she even blunt about shen Mingbao showdown, a Miss Shen, without a moral bottom line.Zheng Songwen Yang Zheng for all this, well aware, but not active, not refused, his excuse is that I all these are for work.He explained to Shen: ‘I am grateful to her, because she gave me the chance to work when I had no money, so my career took off and saved me.’Later, I willingly fought alongside him to make me better and stronger.And then, I couldn’t help but get close to her, draw on her strength, but then I found myself, caught in the net, in this net, can’t escape.See, Yang zheng finally falls into the middle age love woven by Zhao Songwen, he has long been emotionally unfaithful.But, does Yang zheng really love Zhao Songwen?I don’t think so.When Yang learned that Shen had asked for a divorce, he said to her, “I said I don’t want a divorce.”See, he just wants to have it both ways. He doesn’t want a divorce, and he doesn’t want to live with Shen Mingbao.Yang Zheng does not take the initiative, do not refuse, speak through the dark of human nature.A man who truly loves you, eyes, heart is you, he is reluctant to give up your tears sad, he will overcome all difficulties with you.But Yang zheng did not. He had neither the responsibility of being a husband nor the commitment to his lover. As the old saying goes, he loved himself the most.Yang Zheng he wants to realize their value in the work, he just wants to prove how strong, how powerful, other people’s feelings, he doesn’t care at all.He can say to Shen Mingbao: “You are a good marriage object, progressive, intelligent, humorous, tolerant, if not her, we can smoothly go through life, raise two children, in the secular sense, quite happy.But he can turn around and say in front of Cho, “I don’t want a divorce.”You see, he’s so conflicted.His struggle is to tell everyone that I don’t love anyone, I love myself.So is Zhao Song-wen sincere to Yang Zheng?There are signs that Zhao regards Yang zheng as a villain.Yang Zheng’s enthusiasm for the work and single-minded character, let the selfish and cunning Zhao Songwen found a breakthrough point, rong Wenbao every product conference, is Yang Zheng out of the platform.Vice President to remind Zhao Songwen a big wave overdue rate attack, the accident is sooner or later.It is clear that Zhao has long thought Yang Zheng to be the scapegoat.Shen Mingbao returns to work write in the last to see Shen Mingbao out of the marriage of the ground chicken, divorce, return to work of that moment, I was gratified.If love is deep love, don’t love to let go, why in a marriage without love.Marriage, is to continue love, is to better life, not to spend together, lose-lose.Women’s economic independence is too important, economically independent women in this life do not have to choose because of money, and who tied together, will not be inseparable from who because of money.Stay-at-home mom is a job that only a woman with a strong heart can do.It’s better to work hard, be financially independent, and live with dignity than to compromise yourself to love someone who doesn’t love you.I think what Yang Zheng was left with in the end was endless regret for missing such a good wife as Shen Mingbao.