Bala Yao Township: Adhere to party Construction, Lead and Activate the “Red Kinetic Energy” of Industrial Development

2022-04-30 0 By

In recent years, the party construction of eight wax to milford TianE county leading characteristic industry development as the goal, fully combined with local unique industrial advantages, the implementation of “+” of the party organization, party leading development pattern, in order to “party organization + one line two belts triad” as the carrier, to create “yao beauty eight la” party building brands, realize the basic party and characteristic industry development depth fusion, activation characteristic industry development momentum,Promote the cause of Yao Township to a new level.Lead by organization and realize diversified integration of industries.Implementing “party organization + cooperative + three-dimensional agriculture” collective economic development mode, take lead of the party organization, the villagers, leading way, such as cooperative, which is based on mountain, soil, water and so on, makes the collection of planting, breeding the three-dimensional ecological agriculture, forming a collection of many kinds of industry “ecosystem”, effectively promote industry anti-risk ability.At present, the village gandong three-dimensional ecological farm has implemented 45 acres of land, the development of ecological planting industry 40 acres, but also the development of cattle and ostrich breeding and other industries.Innovate form, promote village enterprise close union.The industrial development model of “Party organizations + village-enterprise cooperation + agriculture-tourism integration” has been implemented, with village Party organizations taking the lead, enterprises taking the lead, and villagers’ cooperatives taking joint ventures as shareholders, to promote comprehensive coverage and rapid development of industries.At present, Guangxi Shou Fungus Garden Food Co., Ltd. and Bala village cooperation, built ganoderma lucidum cultivation base of 80 mu, black fungus cultivation demonstration base of 100 mu, to help surrounding people more than 80 people to solve the employment problem.Able people drive, promote effective integration of resources.Implementing “party organization to build + + community artist pilot” pattern of industrial development, with industrial cooperatives industry hotshots leading way of leading and members play the party members’ artist itself and skilled technical advantages, the scale of the industry by the party or the council coordination between the integration of resources, based on the “mountain”, build a demonstration pilot project of leading the masses’ income benefit is obvious.At present, the hole in the village of yellow autumn peach demonstration base in the party organization and party members industrial talent Yang Literature under the demonstration, the whole village has 36 masses to plant more than 600 acres of autumn peach, peach gifts more than 500 acres, annual output value can reach more than 10 million yuan.Mouth WeiNing