A “living map” of Wuhan subway Station after 10 years of Spring Festival Travel

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“Passengers can feel their warmth.”At present, Yao Jie, chief of wuhan Metro Hankou Railway Station, is sticking to her post for the 10th Spring Festival Transport.Over the years, Yao Jie insists on serving with heart, thinking of passengers and solving their worries.The 2020 winner of the national Model Worker title always believes that there is room for improvement in the service as long as passengers demand it.Yao Jie is answering questions for passengers.Xinhua News Agency (zhan Qidou photo) Hankou Railway Station during the Spring Festival Travel rush, people carrying large and small bags, hurrying.In order to facilitate train passengers arriving in Wuhan to transfer to the subway, the subway station where Yao Jie works has implemented a “check-free mode”. After getting off the train, people can go through a “check-free channel” to the subway station.During this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, red “rendezvous point” signs are posted on pillars at subway entrances, which Yao came up with as a way for people to pick up relatives and friends.”Some young people don’t like to work in the service industry, but I think as long as you focus on doing your own job well, you can realize your value in an ordinary position.”Yao jie said that when working, as long as you observe carefully, you can always find the needs of passengers.Hankou Railway Station subway station is different from other stations. Most passengers come from other places and are not familiar with Wuhan.Working here, I face a lot of passengers asking for directions every day.In order to better serve passengers, Yao jie used her rest time to go to the bus station near the railway station with a pen and paper to copy the bus signs, and found out more than 20 bus routes passing through Hankou Railway Station.At the same time, she also learned by heart the train schedule of Hankou Railway Station.Yao jie is known as a “living map” by her colleagues for her ability to figure out the quickest route for passengers without being asked where they want to go.Wuhan is crowded with universities. Every September, a large number of freshmen arrive at Hankou Railway Station.In 2015, in order to serve these new college students, Yao jie and her colleagues spent more than three months, holding a timer, testing the bus routes from Hankou Railway Station to dozens of colleges and universities in Wuhan, and making a “study guide booklet”.As cell phone navigation got better, college students no longer needed the pamphlet.However, Yao jie found that some middle-aged and elderly passengers still needed “manual navigation” services, so she went on to make brochures for medical guidance, tour guides and rides and put them in subway stations for buyers and sellers to take.Yao Jie is helping children and old people get into the station.This year’s New Year’s Eve, Yao Jie stuck to her post and missed the family reunion dinner for the 10th time.Her 11-year-old daughter hasn’t seen her mother at the dinner table on New Year’s Eve for as long as she can remember.Her daughter asked, “Why do all the other children have their mothers to accompany them during the Spring Festival?”This made Yao Jie temporarily speechless.Later, the daughter gradually sensible, understanding mother’s work.The teacher once asked her daughter, “What does your mother do?Why do I always pick you up so late from school?”The daughter replied, “My mom is helping people in need!”Yao jie was moved by her daughter’s words, and her family’s support became her motivation to continue serving passengers well.Yao Jie interacts with passengers at the station during the Spring Festival.”Over the past 10 years, Wuhan rail transit has developed from one line to 11 lines. I am proud to witness the development of the city, and at the same time, I sincerely send warmth to people from south to north.”Yao Jie said.(Reporter Wan Pengqi)