Do human beings really own the rights of the world?

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Do people really have “ownership” of their rights to the world?First, did humans create the world?For if anyone can create anything from nothing, it certainly belongs to him; or, although man is not the creator of the universe, the creator of the universe transfers this “ownership” to man, and thus he has inherited the “ownership” of the world.The thinking mode of these questions, obviously from western Greek and medieval philosophy, has a strong theistic color, which leads to the answer that man is not the creator of the universe, so the statement “man is the master of the world” is not accurate.Secondly, in Hebrew culture, it is said that man has the power to control the world, which is the third blessing of God. This question relates to the spirit of god. God’s ownership and domination of the world come directly from his “creation of the world from nothing”.If it can and is indeed transferred to man according to Genesis, then there can be no doubt that “man is the master of the world”.But if the transfer itself is not valid, or if there is no real transfer from the will of God, or if human nature itself cannot bear such a transfer, the question of “man as master of the world” becomes a problem.At present, due to the problem of environmental pollution and the voice of environmental protection, philosophical thinking has begun to realize that the third blessing described in Genesis only shows that human beings have the right to use it. God has not transferred its “ownership” to human beings.Therefore, “man is the master of the world” implies only that man can use the world and make use of matter, but does not really own the world and does not own matter.The person is right of content use, it is to have certain limit, just as tenant is using place to rent the house general, have right of use only “, and do not have “droit”.The ownership of the world, including man, belongs to God.In this way, on the basis of environmental protection, to find a reasonable explanation, people use things, but at the same time to love things.People have the right to use, can use the world, but also have the obligation to protect the world, so that it is free from pollution, free from destruction.Of course, standing in a completely humanistic spirit to consider the problem, there will be the same conclusion.People and is one of the world, in the world of life existence, became “living beings”, the existence of people leave the world, he is one of the world, if the environmental destruction, is the destruction of the human living space, the threat to human survival, by the way of thinking has been going, you will find, destroy the environment, substance abuse, is ruined since won’t have the chance to live,This is the relationship between people and things.Whether in the history of human development of natural science, or in the history of human development of humanism, the spirit of god, is an important subject of human relations.