Often giddy hidden cerebral infarction crisis?Simple three movements, find whether cerebellum ischemia, early prevention

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A 43-year-old woman with high blood pressure, She woke up one morning, only to find herself unresponsive, slow and unable to speak.After being rushed to the hospital by his family, he was diagnosed with cerebral infarction.Doctors performed emergency contrast surgery on Ms. He, and the operation was successful.However, she had to lie in a hospital bed after the operation because her trachea was cut open.Breathing is on a ventilator, with tubes all over the body.The family found a caregiver to turn her over every two hours.She was in agony and said, “It’s worse than death.”After nearly a month in the INTENSIVE care unit, He finally survived death, but what followed was a day after day of rehabilitation.First, why are more and more cerebral infarction patients?Someone asked: “Why do I get cerebral infarction at 43?Cerebral infarction is not the disease that old people can get?”In fact, this is one of the biggest misconceptions about cerebral infarction.Cerebral infarction is not just for the elderly. With lifestyle changes, more and more young people are being targeted by cerebral infarction.Fan Xuewen, director of neurology department of Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease Hospital of General Hospital of Ning Medical University, said that the risk factors causing cerebrovascular disease can be divided into two categories of intervention and non-intervention.Factors that cannot be interfered with include age, sex, heredity and so on.The intervening factors refer to the bad habits of modern people.For example, excessive drinking, obesity, sedentary, and the resulting hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia.Director Fan Xuewen believes that if the controllable factors for active intervention, can reduce the incidence of about 30-50% risk.Two, cerebral infarction treatment is difficult?Clinically, thrombolytic therapy within 6 hours is the only effective way to save patients with acute cerebral infarction, and can also avoid sequelae in 1/3 of patients.However, thrombolytic drugs are relatively expensive, one is about 6000 yuan, one and a half are used at a time.As a result, many patients are sent to the hospital, but it takes about an hour for doctors to explain the medicine to their families, which could have been solved in two minutes.Some patients choose to give up treatment directly because they have to spend tens of thousands of yuan.This is one of the difficulties of cerebral infarction treatment: prompt diagnosis, but not prompt treatment.Treatment difficulties are also reflected in the lack of understanding of symptoms and missed treatment opportunities.There are five common signs of cerebral infarction: 1. Sudden onset of unexplained headache 2. Sudden onset of facial or limb weakness or unilateral limb weakness 3.Sudden speech disorder, inability to speak clearly or understand what others say 4. Sudden inability to balance, difficulty walking 5.Unilateral or bilateral vision is not clear if any of the above symptoms, we should be vigilant, may be related to cerebral infarction, should seek medical treatment in time, need the help of a doctor.Three, prevent cerebral infarction, remember the four methods whether cerebral infarction, or myocardial infarction, they are not far from us.Data show that the number of cardiovascular disease patients in China is as high as 290 million, and the trend is getting younger.Therefore, it is important to prevent brain and heart attacks regardless of age.1. Check blood lipids regularly. Monitor blood lipids regularly to know the bad cholesterol level and ensure that blood lipids are within the normal range.Bad cholesterol is the primary culprit of cardiovascular disease. When it rises to a certain level, it will cause blood vessel narrowing, leading to coronary heart disease.If the plaque ruptures or a blood clot detaches, it can cause a heart attack, which can be life-threatening.2. Control “bad cholesterol” For different people, the index of bad cholesterol is different, according to their actual situation, the level of bad cholesterol should be controlled within a reasonable range.Bad cholesterol levels should be controlled at 1.8mmol/L or below for patients with coronary heart disease, and 2.6mmol/L for people at high risk of cardiovascular disease, with bad cholesterol levels above 4.9mmol/L, and those over 40 years old with diabetes and hypertension.3. Be aware of chest pain Symptoms Sudden chest pain symptoms should be aware of, may be caused by a heart attack or cerebral infarction.If accompanied by chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, sweating, palpitation and other symptoms, nine out of ten are targeted by myocardial infarction, should be treated as soon as possible.Develop healthy living habits, eat light food, less oil and salt, at the same time adhere to moderate exercise, quit smoking and limit alcohol, do not stay up late and so on.Four, three actions, self-test whether the cerebellum is insufficient blood supply if you think you will appear suspected symptoms of cerebral infarction, but not serious, not sure whether it is cerebral infarction, before going to the hospital, you can first self-test.The following three movements can test whether there is insufficient blood supply to the cerebellum: 1. Quick rotation test relax the hands, alternating positive and negative, and beat the thigh with gentle strength quickly. If you can’t keep up with the rhythm, it may be the occurrence of cerebellum lesions.2. The reverse jump test involves two people working together. One person grabs the other’s arm with his or her hand and then releases it unexpectedly to see if the other person can control his or her arm and not hit him or her.If you can’t control your arms, you might have a problem with your cerebellum.Try lying on your back with one leg straight, then lift the heel of the other leg and slide from the shin to the lower leg where the knee is straight.If you can’t control the movement of your legs, you may have cerebellar lesions.The mortality rate of cerebral infarction in the acute stage can reach 20 percent or even 30 percent, according to data from Yangshengtang, a program on Beijing SATELLITE TV.Therefore, it is very important to master the prevention of cerebral infarction and develop healthy living habits, especially in the elderly.Reference materials [1] brain infarction is the Result of Bad Habits.Yinchuan Evening News.2015-01-21[2] it is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease! Remember the “Five ways” to prevent Heart attack and brain attack.[3] “Frequent dizziness and Risk of Cerebral infarction: Three Simple actions for Detection of Cerebral ischemia and Early Prevention”.Beijing TV Yangshengtang. 2021-07-08. Reproduced without the author’s permission