4,068 police officers were mobilized!Off-year on the same day, Ji ‘nan found 7 illegal discharge police situation!

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Jinan launched a first-level fireworks control system on January 25, the lunar New Year.The city’s public security organs mobilized 4,068 police officers and 407 patrol cars;Grid members and volunteers participated in 16,422 person-times.The departments at all levels strictly implement the propaganda launch, inspection and control, replacement reception, investigation and crackdown measures, in the broad public support, New Year’s Eve fireworks ban work innovation success, opened a new chapter to create a model city of civilization, show beautiful name cards of Spring City civilization.Since this year, the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to the work of fireworks prohibition, and made instructions to the prohibition work for many times. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor Wang Hongzhi, deputy mayor and City Public security Chief Wu Desheng convened meetings to promote the deployment of prohibition work.We will continue to strengthen organizational leadership, refine the implementation of responsibilities, carry out in-depth publicity, and consolidate the effects of the ban.On the day of the New Year, Comrade Wu Desheng real-time scheduling work progress, guide the orderly implementation of the ban;The municipal ban and release Office organized a special supervision group to go deep into urban streets and communities to supervise and inspect the implementation of the ban and release work;Officials in charge of governments at all levels are in their posts, go deep into the frontline of the ban on release, and direct the launch of publicity, inspection and control, replacement and reception.District and county, neighborhood offices (towns), community party members and cadres, the police and auxiliary police of public security organs at all levels performed their duties and implemented the first-level control measures in a meticulous and strict manner, effectively maintaining a peaceful and peaceful festival atmosphere.S matrix, promotion of new fashion show civilization to do a good job in this year banned all departments at all levels in the city starting from the security model for urban air quality, create civilization, broadcasting, mobile media publicity, in order to form such as case, granting the materials, high intensity, broad propaganda guidance, the greatest degree for banned public opinion support work,Created a “concerted efforts to protect the city blue, show the civilization of the new fashion” thick atmosphere.On the day of the New Year, the city posted and distributed more than 119,000 copies of propaganda materials, suspended 1,685 propaganda banners, and issued prohibition tips through 1,824 LED propaganda screens.TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and other news media broadcast special topics on the implementation of the ban.On the eve of the Lunar New Year, mobile, Unicom, Telecom and other three major operators concentrated on pushing public welfare messages to the general public warning of fireworks ban, achieving good publicity and social effects.According to the requirements of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government to strengthen source control and cut off illegal sources, public security organs at all levels have intensified efforts to control the source and strictly investigated and punished illegal sales, transportation and storage of fireworks.Since the beginning of this year, a total of 15 cases of illegal storage and sales have been investigated and 14 people involved have been dealt with in accordance with the law. This has effectively deterred those who take a chance and challenge the authority of laws and regulations, demonstrating the determination of the public security organs.Governments at all levels adhere to the combination of dredge and blockage, in the community, village widely set up fireworks replacement receiving points, strive for financial support, purchase daily necessities to carry out replacement work, actively encourage the public to take the initiative to hand in fireworks.On the day of the Little Year, the 564 disposal and receiving points of the city exchanged and received a total of 4 boxes of fireworks, and only the south mountain public Security bureau destroyed two private fireworks dens and confiscated 60 boxes of fireworks on the spot, and 2 suspects were detained in accordance with the law.Zone from spreading to grasp implementation, build a control wire off-year especially when 18 night of time throughout the day, the start area county (including the ac) in the city, the streets, community level 3 banned control grid, grid member, property security, warm-hearted citizens banned volunteers, in-depth streets, community full coverage, frequency, and more effective in preventing the occurrence of the phenomenon of illegal fireworks.The city’s public security alert, fully activated “level of patrol” mechanism, organization banned search action, hotline on 12345 citizens, city public security bureau 110 command center, police platform to accept the demands of the masses of the people’s livelihood, immediately check to carry out the people to report illegal firecrackers clues, “zero tolerance” to investigate and punish violations, setting off behavior, however on the same day,The city verified 7 cases of illegal discharge of police situation, 7 people were punished administratively, and 20 people were discouraged from illegal discharge. The work of off-year prohibition has achieved remarkable results, and the work of off-year prohibition in the key period of the City’s Spring Festival has got off to a good start.