All venues for the 2022 Winter Olympics will be covered by 5G

2022-05-02 0 By

The Bird’s Nest, which will host the opening ceremony of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, has achieved full 5G coverage after Careful planning and deployment by China Unicom.At the opening ceremony, China Unicom’s 5G network met the needs of the audience and cast and crew of nearly 40,000 people to send and receive short videos, make video calls and live broadcast online, as well as the audience’s immersive live experience.It is reported that The Mobile network team of China Unicom has created an advanced 5G network covering the ultimate capacity for the Bird’s Nest, which has improved its 5G capacity by more than 20 times compared with 4G, fully meeting the 5G network experience of the core athletes and the requirements of tens of thousands of spectators.As the only official communication service partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China Unicom has achieved FULL 5G network coverage in 87 venues and roads connecting venues in Beijing and Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province, creating three scenes and ten applications of “smart watching, smart organizing and smart participating”.It provides powerful and highly reliable communication network services for organizers, athletes, media, TV broadcasters and audiences, allowing on-site users to experience the ultimate network speed, allowing the global audience to enjoy a wonderful audio-visual feast, and allowing the world to see the core strength of Chinese science and technology.The communication guarantee task of the opening ceremony involved 8 special tasks, including fixed communication, mobile communication, fireworks, emergency communication, public intercom, security inspection greenhouse, video retransmission (OBS), 5G innovation, as well as daily office communication service guarantee of the headquarters.China Unicom, with the whole group’s efforts, ensures that all nodes’ optical cables adopt double routing and double uplink.Guarantee 471 special lines of various types, 115 fixed and wireless fixed lines, 241 POC terminals, 495 WiFi points, 85 base stations, 895 room points, 1692 OTN network points, 301 OIN network points,A total of 3,032 cables were laid, 2 emergency communication vehicles were opened, more than 45 kilometers of temporary optical cables of various types were laid, and more than 1,800 pieces of horse roads were laid. Key support was given to pipeline equipment such as long-distance backbone network optical cables, CCTV image and video transmission optical cables, and optical cables carrying the business of major customers of the Winter Olympic Games. A total of 900 optical cables were inspected.More than 6,000 kilometers.In addition, China Unicom fireworks support team after 6 months of preparation, hundreds of hours of testing, in the 4 times of total element drill and the opening ceremony of the official security, security personnel in the low-temperature environment on duty for a total of 64 hours;Move web team innovation adopted “distributed large-scale antenna technology”, “empty frequency multi-dimensional fusion 5 g ability”, “carrier aggregation”, “comprehensive network of SA”, “5 g slice”, “village merger”, “intelligent dynamic beam”, “big upside” eight “black” of science and technology, as the bird’s nest built advanced universal coverage limit capacity of 5 g,Compared with 4G, its 5G capacity has been improved by more than 20 times, fully meeting the 5G network experience of field core athletes and the requirements of tens of thousands of spectators.China Unicom 5G+4K / 8K ULTRA HD live broadcast brought the audience a magnificent visual feast of the opening ceremony;The application of IPv6 + technology to the Winter Olympic Games for the first time realized the one-click open, plug and play of media services, and provided a good access environment for media.It is worth noting that the Olympics opening ceremony is also fully integrated into the “intelligence games, the games are science and technology” concept, in addition to the whole scene mobile video broadcast, Xinhua News Agency and other media by China unicom 5 g network section, can do it anytime and anywhere access communication signal, the scene of the opening ceremony of the photo and video real-time back,To make the Bird’s Nest a real 5G gigabit stadium.