Chen Yixin: We will give full play to the role of the rule of law in ensuring urban modernization of social governance

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Held on February 16, the central committee of the fifth district social governance modernization pilot work conference, the central committee of the secretary-general Chen i-hsin stressed that to insist on xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts, give full play to the rule of law is fundamental, stabilizing expectations and long-term effect, accelerate the regional modernization of social governance.How to further play the important role of rule of law in the modernization of municipal social governance?– Adhering to law-based decision-making and taking the lead in safeguarding the authority of the rule of law.We need to open the door to public consultation in a variety of ways to ensure full public participation.We should improve the quality of expert argumentation and take their argumentation as an important basis for decision-making.Risk assessment should be taken as a pre-procedure for decision making and risks should be resolutely prevented.– Attaching importance to scientific legislation and enriching the supply of rule of law in cities.We need to find the right legislative incision to fully serve the high-quality development of the local economy and the needs of the people for a better life.We must strictly observe the “red line” of legislation, ensure compliance with the provisions of higher laws, and safeguard the unity of the rule of law.We need to focus on the quality and effectiveness of legislation and ensure that it is practical and effective.– We will strictly enforce the law and administer justice to safeguard social fairness and justice.We will crack down on laws and crimes in accordance with the law, and maintain a strong posture of cracking down on laws and crimes that the people feel strongly about, so as to form strong deterrence.We need to handle cases in a standardized, fair and civilized manner, clearly define powers and responsibilities, and standardize procedures. We need to actively explore civilized law enforcement, implement mechanisms for tolerating and correcting errors in minor violations of the law by market entities, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all types of market entities.We will strictly restrict and supervise the system and prevent corruption in law enforcement and justice.– Improving rule of law services and increasing public satisfaction.We need to improve political, legal, and government services, expand their content, simplify procedures, and optimize channels, so that the people can truly feel that it is no longer difficult to get things done.We will improve public legal services, focus on targeted services and balanced coverage, and ensure the legitimate rights and interests of special groups.To deepen the source of litigation governance services, resolve more conflicts and disputes before litigation.– Making innovations in publicity and education to raise the public’s awareness of the rule of law.We should make in-depth study and publicity of Xi Jinping’s Thought on the rule of law a top priority in the construction of the rule of law in cities, and highlight publicity of the Constitution, civil Code and Anti-Organized Crime Law.Efforts should be made to strengthen education on the rule of law among community-level workers and young people.We need to develop new ways and means to interpret laws on a case-by-case basis and implement the accountability system for popularizing the law so that the people can feel the power of the rule of law.– Strengthening organizational leadership to provide a strong guarantee for the rule of law in the city.Party committee heads should earnestly fulfill their duties as the primary person responsible for promoting the rule of law construction, and leading officials at all levels should constantly improve their ability to use the rule of law thinking and method to promote the modernization of municipal social governance.We need to make better use of the building of a law-based government as a demonstration and leading role in building a country and society under the rule of law, strengthen law-based institutions, consolidate and deepen the progress made in the education and rectification of procuratorial and judicial personnel, and combine strict supervision with kindness to support law-based personnel in performing their duties in accordance with the law.Pilot areas should play an exemplary role, provide more innovation experience for the whole country, promote the formation of an atmosphere of learning and catching up, and constantly improve the level of legal guarantee for social governance at the municipal level.Jing Hanchao, Bai Shaokang and Wang Hongxiang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Politics and Law Commission, He Xiaorong, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court, Chen Guoqing, Deputy Procurator-General of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Lin Rui, Vice Minister of Public Security, Shi Haoyong, Vice Minister of State Security and Xiong Xuanguo, Vice Minister of Justice attended the meeting at the main venue.Secretaries of the Party committees, political and Legal committees of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, as well as responsible officials from the 64 pilot project areas, attended the meeting via video.Benxi city of Liaoning Province, Binzhou City of Shandong Province, Nanchuan District of Chongqing Municipality and Pu ‘er City of Yunnan Province made exchange speeches. Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province, Chenzhou city of Hunan Province, Yibin City of Sichuan Province and Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region made written exchanges.Source: An Jian, director of the Central Political and Legal Commission