Lu ‘an City north town: Full of yuanxiao

2022-05-02 0 By

Clean double festival, joy yuanxiao.For further practice of the development of “people centered”, enrich the people’s cultural life, continue to build wind fresh air are good festival atmosphere, February 15th morning, north township, jointly held villages “our festival, make yuanxiao guess lantern riddles” activities, to celebrate the Chinese traditional festivals as well as promote movement era content of the construction of the party,Guide the masses of township, village cadres patriotic law-abiding, integrity and justice, in the township set off “everyone worship lian, everyone think lian, everyone promote lian” upsurge.The lantern riddles set up in this festival are rich in content and various forms, covering various aspects such as clean government, folk culture and daily life.Everyone started thinking, talking and laughing, soon a full of deep meaning and blessing riddles were guessed one by one, the activity scene was thick “New Year flavor” and warmth wrapped, laughter, everywhere permeated with the taste of “home”, “home” warmth.Activities set up the first prize, second prize, third prize, more than 100 prizes, the enthusiasm of the nearby villagers, the masses of the prize queuing up.In order to make township cadres to enjoy the happiness of festival atmosphere and hands-on, north township new era civilization practice standing also specially prepared food and tools, organizing our dumplings dumplings together, some rolled up his sleeves and facial, rolling skin, some responsible for DiaoXian, package dumplings, after more than an hour, with everyone’s efforts to cooperation, the table filled with chubby cute yuanxiao were made in vain.”Let’s guess the riddles and wrap the yuanxiao together, so that people really feel the atmosphere of the festival, the human touch is getting stronger and stronger, the township government organized this activity is really good!””They said happily.It is understood that the Lantern Festival guess riddles activity is one of the New Year series of chengbei township activities.This activity not only carried forward the traditional culture, so that the majority of cadres and workers and villagers feel the rich connotation of traditional culture and honest culture, but also for the close relationship between cadres and the masses to build a platform for emotional exchange, shorten the distance between the heart.(Qin Rong)