The weather is warm and you want to live forever

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1. The weather is so warm that one would like to live forever.2. The sun will set on you and you will have a good time.3. When you laugh, the thunder is gentle and the storm silent.Mountain flower or romance, this spring for you.As for the snow, let’s wait until winter to see it together, ok?5. There are stars and moons to look forward to, and the universe to be romantic.6. When you came bounding up the stairs in your yellow raincoat, IT occurred to me that yellow was so beautiful.7. Today’s unhappiness so far, tomorrow still want to shine.Making eye contact with the one you like is like an inner planet explosion.9. When you live seriously, you can find the candy that life hides.10. If you can’t catch the 5 a.m. sun, you can watch the 6 p.m. sunset. I mean, you can choose the latter.11 all good, not as good as just.12 the sun is just, the breeze is not dry, not a good time.No matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.14 the world thousands of sails, the front will be gentle and moonlight.15. When said and done, this word is romantic and practical.16. I hope you live happily, not happily.Do everything with all your might, including happiness.Always yield to gentleness, and you are gentleness itself.19. When lost, quietly reach out and clap your hands with the wind.20 listen to the cloud and the moon whisper, see all the stars.21. Keep what you love around you, that’s the meaning of working hard.22 tired life always have some gentle dreams.May you be loyal to yourself, live seriously, laugh wildly.I have a spring, I don’t know who to give.With this bright moon, may we have long joy and sweet dreams.The moon shines on the mountains and rivers.The future is bright, the future can be, find the beloved, go to the old age, I wish you also wish me.28. There is luck in every landscape.29. Try your best to capture all the tenderness hidden in life on unpleasant days.There is always unexpected tenderness and hope of life and growth.