Father is ill

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Welcome to “Xu Ji Literature and Art”!Father is ill!I was planning to go to my nephew’s for dinner tonight.Early this morning, my nephew called to confirm the family reunion for the evening.5:00 p.m., at my nephew’s house on time.Just arrived downstairs, father was ill.In the winter of 2017, my father suffered from cerebral infarction for the first time. In the following years, he has relapsed for three times, and this is the fourth time.Rushed to the hospital, my father is still in the emergency room, the emergency room doctor is doing a preliminary examination for my father.My father was ill, and my three brothers and my nephew all came at once.Check, water, 10 o ‘clock in the evening, the hospital early check finished, basically settled down, waiting for the water to sleep.Thank god my father was not seriously ill.After the preliminary examination of my father, I was relieved that my father was not seriously ill, so I proposed that I accompany him tonight.With the consent of my family, I went home first, took bowls and chopsticks, as well as toiletries, and came to the hospital.On the way to the hospital, I saw a young man who had drunk too much and vomited on the roadside. A kind-hearted person beside him contacted the young man’s family and asked them to pick him up and take him home in case there were any accidents when the young man was drunk riding.See this scene, feeling this world, countless good people around us!Late at night, brothers and nephews had gone home.My father and I were alone in the ward.My father lay back on the bed, expressionless.I sat next to the hospital bed, thinking about the plan and change of the day, lamenting the impermanence of life!The ward is neat and tidy.TV, air conditioning, alarm clock and other practical entertainment facilities are very complete.Think of the hospital when I was young, and then look at the hospital now, it is a world of difference!Whether it is food, clothing, housing, transportation or hospitalization, each of us is enjoying the dividends brought by social development.The prosperity and strength of our country is not empty talk, but we all live in the land of China, the same feeling, and in all aspects benefit!Welcome to “Xu Ji Literature and Art”!An Old cat sleeping on the Pot is passed from generation to generation. An old cat sleeping on the Pot is passed from generation to generation. An old cat sleeping on the Pot is passed from generation to generation