The movie “Around the Mountain” : Go crazy again while you’re young

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Can you remember the craziest thing you’ve ever done?Cut class?Cave exploration?Or go somewhere you’ve never been before?Do you think of these crazy and today we are going to speak of the protagonist shakiness Jeremy than male leading role is one of Taiwan’s senior college students after graduation that year and his relationship to good brother died suddenly at the funeral he saw his brother’s bike ride diary that is his brother’s plan for a long time has been too late to start journey with to accept as a souvenir of lost and confused for a future lifeHe finally chose to start – and the destination is hell difficulty for the rider yunnan Tibet line girlfriend Jane because “you never ride at ordinary times, why want to die” chose to break up with his brother’s riding friends also warned him of the danger of yunnan Tibet line, for his book hao said: “this is the dream of your brother, you don’t need to assume what for him.”, no matter what people around say book Howe was unmoved by one man, one ride him from Taiwan to yunnan first because a fake id card almost deceived, because not passable road landslides after this period of extraordinary journey has yet to start well when he met the difficulties experienced rider Lin Xiaochuan as riding white book hao what also don’t understand,The burden is handed to xiaochuan body “burning files” when Xiaochuan taught him to use sanitary napkins pad crotch when he can not ride up Xiaochuan will help him push on the back as a big brother Xiaochuan has been giving the book hao meticulous care guide the direction of the book Hao,More bring books hao of courage not only because hao is XiaoChuan only companion in the desolate mountains is the rider of the spirit of helping each other in passing between the old and the new but it is the unforeseen at the time of the pleasure of chatting XiaoChuan just fell off a cliff, book Howe also nearly fell at a broken spine three pieces, the rest are likely to paraplegic XiaoChuan,Book hao once again confused but lying on the stretcher xiaochuan with only the strength to book Hao point a like continue on the road of the book Hao and more than a layer of trust in riding to the snow mountains when he finally saw the “ice cream” this comes from a beautiful legend:Into Deqin the first sight of meili 13 peaks, will be lucky to ride three years of Yunan-Tibet line xiaochuan, never seen a “ice cream” this time is no exception he once dreamed of going back to open an ice cream shop with his girlfriend for him “ice cream” is: “a big ice cream mountain.That color, that’s 175 milliliters of fresh milk, plus 225 milliliters of cream.And two more teaspoons of sugar.”At the last and most dangerous part of the road, Shu Hao bought a long-distance phone card and left a message for his brother. He said, “I will help you finish the journey.”At this time, Shuhao has actually put down the obsession of helping his brother fulfill his dream, but the reason why he insists on going on is that this is his own experience and no one can save him.No one knows what’s going to happen in Tibet in the winter. But you’re still one step away from Lhasa, from real victory. Are you willing to give up?As Kant said, “Now that I have embarked on this path, nothing will hinder me.”In the book hao the most difficult still refused the road owner’s kindness to carry the line of a hundred miles of the half 90 plateau reaction, heavy rain and snow, bicycle falling apart, wild dog chasing, physical fatigue…Every single thing that happens here can make a cyclist gasp, but it’s all miraculously hit by Shohoe. But as the old saying goes, “When God closes a door, he opens a window.”As long as you stick to it, it is god never shuts one door but he opens another book when meets the plateau response hao to find a cave to stay when heavy rain blizzard comes book hao can light a fire to keep warm when the bike fell apart when he went to town to find the master mechanics repair when the dragons under his house in nearby residents help if book because difficulties gave up,He could survive the next seconds in the yunnan Tibet line of crisis only perseverance can kick-start a win in the end he boarded his destination at the top of the mountains to let him have a “see the mountains small” broad mind red prayer victorious float in the sky of the noise in the wind, as if victory cheered for him colorful paper money is flying all over the sky,Like god specially prepared for him a dinner here do you think the film ended, but the film also did not end there book house back to it’s back to Taiwan at that time he received a letter from the XiaoChuan gave him the letter said: book house my brother, I come back, still keep the seven root steel nails, limped walking, but I’m still on my way.The doctor warned me that I must rest for another six months, but I could not wait any longer for the smell of the road, which was getting stronger every day.He laughed at my death, I said no, I don’t want to die, I love life, so must go, must go out.You know what I mean!Ride to the foot of Mount Qomolangma see big snow mountain, leave a photo for you, xiaochuan.This is a won the 24th session of Tokyo international film festival best artistic contribution of film and film first ride a drama of the story about the yunnan Tibet line the director of the pursuit of “real” Du Jiayi leading shooting team average height of the live action films on plateau created a new guinness world record for the natural apt is Tibetan customs and picturesque snow mountainFilm features but it is also been many netizens questioned trough point riding at yunnan Tibet line does not stand up and say the yunnan Tibet line movie acted so dangerous but that doesn’t matter if the movie had no artistic processing its appeal is bound to weaken a lot also want to express the theme of the film is what we should pay more attention to the word “revolving around mountains” comes from the tibetans say religious pietyOne way believers would walk or even kowtow all the way around the sacred mountain, turning once or more times to cleanse themselves of life’s SINS. Tao Kun, the producer, explained the origin of the film as “anger”, the anger of young people at their own state.There are a thousand Hamlets for more than a thousand readers, and everyone has different understanding of the film. I only want to say a little about my view of the film here. The film wants to tell us: a dream does not take the distance far.We stumble, have occasionally lost, will fail chagrin, also have regret disappointed.However, we use the courage to adhere to all the way, with the faith to sing all the way, by the dream all the way to struggle, and eventually we will be able to like the title shuhao brother riding friends said: “ride out also ride back.”It also tells us to go forward while we are young, and not to say that one day at each other’s funerals, if only we had gone then.