First time this year!Tesla announced a recall of 26,047 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles

2022-05-04 0 By

On February 18, the author learned from the official website of The Defective Product Management Center that Tesla had filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with relevant regulations, and announced that it would recall some Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, a total of 26,047 vehicles, from now on.It is worth mentioning that Tesla said it would eliminate hidden risks through remote upgrade technology. Under normal circumstances, users can complete the recall without going to the store.Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y to be recalled were produced between December 28, 2020 and January 15, 2022, of which 11,003 tesla Model 3 and 14,044 Tesla Model Y were produced.According to the notice, the reason for the recall of these vehicles is that the electronic expansion valve of the heat pump will move slightly when positioning, and the software (2021.44 to 2021.44.30.6) does not have the correction function, which may cause partial opening of the valve, stop working of the heat pump compressor, and failure of the heating function in the car for a long time.In the above state, especially when the temperature outside the vehicle is below 10 degrees below zero, the operation of the windshield defrosting system cannot reach the defrosting effect stipulated by the relevant national laws and regulations, and the decline of the defrosting function has a negative impact on the driver’s vision, thus increasing the possibility of collision risk when the vehicle is driving in cold weather.Next, Tesla will provide software updates to vehicles covered by the recall through vehicle Remote Upgrade (OTA) technology;If the recall cannot be completed through remote upgrade technology, Tesla will contact relevant users through the service center and upgrade the software for free until the safety risks are eliminated.According to the author’s data from the Defective Product Management Center, this is the first time Tesla has launched a recall in 2022.In 2021, Tesla filed six recalls with the State Administration for Market Regulation.As a hot car brand with rapid development in the market, the recall of its products is also inevitable, which is not expected to have a major impact on the following market performance of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.According to the latest data released by the Passenger Association, Tesla Model Y sold 16,358 units in January 2022, up 896.8% year on year, while Tesla Model 3 sold only 2,988 units.It should be noted, however, that Tesla’s cumulative sales in China reached 59,845 in January, reflecting that most of the vehicles recently built at tesla’s Shanghai factory were supplied to overseas markets.Based on past conditions, it is expected that Tesla’s deliveries in the domestic market will increase in February, especially the month-on-month growth of Model 3.