Sailun Group won the 2020-2021 National Enterprise culture Outstanding Achievement Special Prize

2022-05-04 0 By

China Economic Herald, China Development Network Su Zhijing, Tian Chengyuan, reporter Enron, recently, Sairun Group stood out in the 2020-2021 national outstanding achievements in corporate culture, won the special prize with its unique core cultural values of “trust, respect” and excellent implementation cases.The selection was held by The China Entrepreneurs Federation (hereinafter referred to as the China Enterprise Federation), after the first review, review and final review, in line with the principle of openness, fairness and justice, a total of 22 outstanding achievements of the national enterprise culture special awards.This honor is a reserved project of The State Council’s standard evaluation and commendation activities announced by the Central Committee in 2009. It is also the only state-level evaluation and commendation project related to enterprise culture, with high authority.Sairound Group has attached great importance to the construction of corporate culture since its establishment. This year, it participated in the national outstanding achievements of corporate culture for the first time, and was highly appraised by the professional judges of the organizers. It was unanimously rated as the special prize, and was included in the “China Excellent Corporate Culture: 2020-2021 Outstanding Achievements of Corporate Culture collection”.Founded in 2002, Sailun Group is the scientific research demonstration base of national Rubber and tire Engineering Technology Research Center, as well as the first information-based production demonstration base integrating new materials, new technology, new equipment, new process and new management mode in China.As an innovation-driven high-tech tire enterprise, since its establishment, it has always been committed to the mission of “making a good tire” and “making China’s rubber industry stand on a new height in the world”.In the early stage of entrepreneurship, the rudiment of “trust” culture begins to take root and sprout. However, culture is not just a simple inheritance, but also needs to keep pace with The Times in order to better cope with the uncertainties of globalization.In order to help the company step into the stage of high-quality development and achieve the 2025 strategic goal, Sairound re-established its mission, vision and values in 2019, clearly proposed the values of “people-oriented, trust and respect”, reorganized the cultural concept system, and upgraded the cultural concept again to ensure effective support for the 2025 strategy.In culture idea ground level, lead people to excellent culture, cohesion, achievement, has always been the development of the enterprise and the growth of talent, on the basis of the organic combination of solidarity with outstanding corporate culture, created a “invincible” iron lion, create multiple “wheel speed”, in process of enterprise development to create a number of “impossible”.Thus, Sailun has achieved the secondary development of corporate culture on the basis of inheritance, which has laid a solid foundation for Sailun to “become an influential tire enterprise in the world”.In the past 20 years of development, Sairound has been constantly iterating, finally forming a humanistic culture of “trust, respect and achievement”, gathering a strong force of courage and pursuit of excellence, and laying a solid foundation for high-quality development.At the same time, following the scientific planning, systematic construction and effective way of communication, Sailun set up the enterprise with “faith”, let the cultural concept deeply rooted in the people, and built the core competitiveness for the development of the enterprise.Good innovation culture and mechanism have made great achievements in recent years:Pioneered the use of the world’s first “liquid gold” liquid gold tires of the preparation of new materials, the rolling resistance, wetland grip both meet eu label rules A level highest level) (eu label code, and in material selection, manufacturing, product use and recycle the whole life cycle of breakthrough in the green, low carbon and sustainable development;Independently developed and manufactured the world’s largest 63-inch giant radial tire, filling the domestic gap;The company has built the world’s first rubber tire industrial Internet platform — “Rubber Chain Cloud” platform, realizing the interconnection of more than 99% of the equipment, with outstanding performance in total quality control, automatic scheduling, artificial intelligence visual recognition and other aspects.Guided by the culture of “trust, respect and fulfill people”, Sailun creatively puts forward the management concept and mode of “full life cycle management of people”.According to the management mode of different ages, career development stages and human needs in the process from talent introduction to withdrawal, we create a perfect human resource management system and a vibrant incentive system.Centering on Maslow’s demand model, it perfectly combines employee’s personal pursuit with enterprise’s pursuit, employee’s personal interest with enterprise’s interest.For example, in the important age and development stage of employees, such as home purchase, marriage and childbirth, children’s education, supporting the elderly, retirement and other important age and development stage, combining the needs of employees at different levels, such as physiology, safety, social contact, respect, self-realization, adopt humanized incentive measures.Under the precondition of continuous care staff inner demand, timely and targeted give corresponding motivation and satisfaction, light the staff’s working enthusiasm, let staff willing to work with enterprise common development for a long time, to realize win-win situation of the enterprises and individuals, is to “hard work is for the sake of better life”, “the man is the most valuable wealth of company” the best annotation.Internally, the competition round creates a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere with “trust and respect” to stimulate morale.Externally, the principle of “trust and respect” is to promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain through win-win cooperation and mutual achievements.Many of the world’s top experts have joined and stayed here for a long time, which is to feel the sincerity of the racing culture.The culture of “encouraging innovation and tolerating failure” not only respects and trusts talents, but also shows sincere concern for the realization of talents’ value.Culture is the unique temperament of an enterprise, permeating management ideas and value propositions.Sailun has always been striving to practice the core values of “trust and respect” and carry forward the culture of “benevolence loves others and is expected by others”, forming an ecological environment where employees care about the development of the enterprise and the enterprise pays attention to the growth of employees, as well as the harmonious coexistence of the industrial chain.In the future, Sailun will continue to take “making a good tire” as the highest mission, and strive to provide better products and services for tire users around the world, and also contribute to the happiness of employees, industry development and social progress.