Yuzuru Hanyu: Why doesn’t it pay off to the end

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Figure: pile sugar (invade delete text: small dream: whole network of the same name, welcome to pay attention to, reprint please authorize, plagiarism will investigate!Looking forward to your story.Yuzuru Hanyu spoke to the media after finishing fourth in the men’s singles free skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the interview, he did not hold back his tears, he said: “I am really upset. Why can’t my efforts be rewarded?I’m trying really hard.”For those who like him, in fact, this time yuanyu yuanyu’s appearance, even if he did not complete the 4A action, but, he has been very perfect.After all, life has so many ups and downs, more of the time, who is not in the crawling, slow forward?The prince of ice, Yuzuru Hanyu was in poor health as a child. At the age of four, in order to keep fit, he started skating with his sister at the rink near their home, and he fell in love with the sport.In fact, Yuzuru Hanyu did not think of her future as a figure skater, nor did she think that she would become a professional figure skater.As a teenager, Hanyu became the overall champion of the ISU Grand Prix Junior division and won his first Olympic gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014.For Yuzuru Hanyu, life has been full of suffering.Since childhood, the physical quality is not strong, which means he has to pay more efforts.When he grew up, many of his fans became angry and even attacked him for his brilliant performance at a time when another player was at the height of his fame.In 2014, in particular, he was seriously injured in a high-speed collision with China’s Yan Han during the warm-up.But he went on to finish the race.Someone has always wondered why so many people like Japanese figure skaters.Even cheering for him on all sorts of occasions?Perhaps, as once in a match, the commentator Chen Ying said: “the appearance of jade, such as loose posture, pian If jing Hong, wan if you dragon.”Professional and always polite to those around him, Yuzuru Hanyu is not only a hard worker, but also a modest gentleman in many people’s eyes.2. Hard work, not too easy Actually, no matter looking back at any athlete’s training experience, it is not too easy.However, are they really simple efforts to a proud result, won the praise of everyone?Not really.Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu won a rare silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team final.After the race, Xu understood Jia’s frustration at losing the gold medal and hugged her teammate as he walked out of the waiting area.Because only those who have experienced it together know that this medal is the result they have tried their best to obtain, which is also a kind of affirmation for the past.Especially for Xu Mengtao, once his own, because of meniscus injury even once had to quit her love of skiing, but, she still insisted on down.When on hospital bed, Xu Mengtao once sent a micro blog, used to encourage oneself.She said: “girl you have to work hard, because you owe yourself a happy appearance.”It is the countless days and nights of clenching teeth, and the courage and efforts of those who are not afraid to start again and get up if she falls down, that make her who she is today.Is it no use trying?Hard work certainly helps.Every effort is like a brand on the way to growth, which reminds you that you will get everything you want sooner or later.Before Jack Ma founded Alibaba, he was just an ordinary English teacher. Even people around him thought he was doomed to mediocrity in his life.Some people tidy up their own home, accidentally turned out ma Yun once gave his name card, basked in the Internet, feeling that is his heart.We may not be Ma Yun, also can not do like Xu Mengtao, like Yuanyu Yuanyu, like countless efforts to shine so outstanding existence.However, there is one thing you should firmly believe, that is, anyone in this world can betray you, only your efforts will not.The people who love you will not despise you or abandon you because of your failure, because they are also witnesses on your growth path.Once heard a sentence: “you have to study hard, quietly top, after many years, you will thank that once every oneself once regardless of personal danger night.”Failure is a part of life that everyone experiences, often even.But it’s a process. It’s a direction you adjust yourself to.A person who falls down cannot stay in the same place all his life. His eyes should look at the horizon far away, not the dirt on his knees.If today life and reality have slapped you, then what you have to do is to find a way to give life back this slap.Not standing in the aperture, does not mean a coward.Only dare not admit their failure, always find reasons to prevaricate people are.Complaining doesn’t work, complaining doesn’t work, but working hard does.Try again. Be your own hero.Above, I wish you a good dream, good night.