Adherence to the epidemic

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The first Spring Festival under the epidemic was the Spring Festival of 2019. My wife was still hospitalized in Tongji Optics Valley hospital due to cancer. As the epidemic was urgent, the hospital informed the patient to go home.The wife and the nanny arrived at the qiaokou home on Jan 21, 2019.The nurse went back to her hometown with her son on the afternoon of the 23rd.On the evening of 23rd, Wuhan pressed the pause button.We lived in qiaokou, the worst-hit area in the epidemic, and we couldn’t go anywhere but stay at home.So every morning, when a ray of sunshine shines into my curtain, I will be used to from the window of the 48th floor home, to the moon Lake bridge downstairs.Before the epidemic, the Moon Lake Bridge was a beautiful landscape.The Moon Lake Bridge, like a rainbow, spans the Han River.Connect Hankou with Hanyang.Usually the bridge is bustling with traffic and is very lively.But since the hateful epidemic enveloped Wuhan, fewer and fewer cars on the bridge.With wuhan in lockdown, the bridge was almost empty of people and cars.Can look down from the window of the 48th floor, the bridge has increased four traffic police.Whether wind or snow, rain or shine, including New Year’s Eve, Spring Festival, their position does not change.Their standing posture did not change.They were on guard there, looking out for passing cars.They had no shelter from the wind and rain.I don’t know what they’re doing.But I know that they are sticking, is for the battle of Wuhan stick, is for the interests of the people stick.They have parents, too.They had wives and children, but they gave up their small homes for everyone.They are ordinary policemen, but in my eyes they are the most lovely people, is a warrior, is a soldier.It is because of your perseverance that the epidemic will soon be over and the brilliant spring will surely come soon.It has been two years since the epidemic broke out, but I can’t forget that time and the persistence of so many people, which made us where we are now.So I now send this article to express my heartfelt thanks [bow][bow][bow]