Luohe traffic police into the rural assembly to carry out “one Helmet area” traffic safety publicity activities

2022-05-05 0 By

With the weather gradually warming, the majority of farmers began to prepare for spring ploughing, students also began the New Year, the purchase of agricultural supplies and daily driving traffic flow has increased, it is also the high incidence of rural road traffic accidents.In order to ensure that rural road traffic safety, to strengthen the safety awareness of students and parents in rural areas, on February 24, luohe city public security bureau traffic management team of urban and rural integration of demonstration area, auxiliary police brigade group people into rural areas, rural during the rally go village household use publicity and education activities, and to carry out the “one area of the helmet” security guard.Promotional activities in the process of the people, auxiliary police straightaway, Lao homely way, to the villagers to issue a letter to students and price, publicity color pages, loudspeakers, and other forms of propaganda, the villagers on driving without license, drink driving, illegal on agriculture, driving motor vehicle not wearing a seatbelt, ride motorcycles, not sending helmet illegal behaviors such as damage.Let traffic safety knowledge into the ears of the people, in the mind, the full range, full coverage of the publicity of road traffic laws and regulations and safety common sense.At the same time, focus on parents, spring ploughing and school transport period must strictly abide by the traffic laws and regulations, improve safety awareness, consciously resist uncivilized traffic violations, to ensure traffic safety.The publicity activities, greatly improved the majority of rural motor vehicle drivers of traffic safety awareness, reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, for rural road traffic safety laid a good foundation.Xu Lipeng, Traffic Police Demonstration Area of Luohe City