Policewoman mothers-to-be fighting the epidemic line write sonorous

2022-05-05 0 By

In front of the camera, the person wearing protective clothing and holding a loudspeaker is Zhao Guoting. She is a volunteer at a nucleic acid collection site in Anju Jiayuan, a female police officer of the county public Security Bureau, and an expectant mother who is already two months pregnant.At present, zhao Guoting is pregnant, but she still chooses to stick to the front line of prevention and control.At the nucleic acid collection site, she was responsible for maintaining the order of the collection site. Holding a loudspeaker every day, she patiently explained the precautions before nucleic acid testing to the residents and reminded them to wear masks correctly and keep a reasonable distance, so as to maintain the order of the site.Zhao guoting volunteered in the morning and went on duty in the central Asian community every afternoon.She also often in the county public security bureau veteran cadres work group to remind everyone not to go out, not to visit, do a good job of personal protection and other information, as a good public security front veteran cadres epidemic prevention propagandist.Different posts, the same adherence.In the epidemic prevention and control work, Zhao Guoting interpreted the loyalty and responsibility of a people’s police with his own practical actions, reflecting the responsibility and responsibility of a Suizhong people, making “police blue” and “women red” the warmest colors in this special period.(Source: Suizhong Rongmedia)