Stars celebrate Chinese women’s soccer: Pan Yueming humorous, Li Yuchun sincere, Zhang Yishan most like true fans

2022-05-05 0 By

The introduction of the new gold medal entertainment observers know that The Chinese women’s football championship, the entertainment industry stars happy bad.Pan Yueming, Li Yuchun, Li Xian, Deng Chao, Zhang Yishan and other stars sent their congratulations.Everyone found a way to express their excitement.What do you think?First question: why are stars happy when women’s soccer team wins the championship?New gold medal entertainment observers know that style is inseparable.Although women’s football is in the sports circle, it is no stranger to stars in the entertainment circle.Teacher Li Yuchun was very excited when she saw the women’s football team winning the gold medal.This time Li Yuchun’s words are very simple, only Chinese women’s soccer!A champion!Although there are only six characters, I read each one with deep feeling.Li Yuchun is a fan, this time unable to organize language, can only use the most simple words to express the mood.Teacher Pan yueming’s picture is very magical. Instead of the picture of The Chinese women’s football team, he used the helpless expression of the Korean women’s football team, which can fully illustrate his mood.Second question: Can you tell a star’s personality from the celebration copy?Teacher Li is very excited this time, with sonorous rose to describe the Chinese women’s football team, this wave of praise, absolutely from the true feelings.Did you feel it through the screen?From teacher Li Xian’s writing, we can feel that he is an emotional person.Although usually very low-key, but when I see what I like, I will strive to express.Zhang yishan did not send a picture of the Chinese women’s football team this time, but a rose.In fact, this is consistent with his always smart people, the rose stands for women’s football, concise.After the victory of The Chinese women’s football team, Zhang Yishan did not post any other words, but said he had lost his voice.From Zhang Yishan’s text can be seen, his love for football at ordinary times.Should say, observe a star every move, can see the star’s character, the so-called text such as its person, really is right.